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Urge Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell to Appeal Judge Murtha's Decision Regarding VT Yankee

In February 2010, the Vermont Senate rejected granting a Certificate of Public Good to the aging, systemically mismanaged Vermont Yankee owned by the Louisiana based corporation Entergy. This vote was a testament to the democratic process upon which Vermont prides itself.

When Entergy bought Vermont Yankee, it signed a contract stating it would abide by Vermont laws. Since then, it has misled the public, lied under oath spent millions to manipulate public opinion and the court and when it couldn't get its way to operate passed 2012, took the state to court. Now Entergy continues to delay maintenance and refuses to conduct routine reliability inspections. After suing the state, Entergy is arrogantly petitioning the court for $4.6million in legal fees.

Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant is old, unreliable and not only an environmental liability but an economic liability to the state of Vermont. The people of Vermont want Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to shut down on time.

We thank our Legislature and the Governor for standing for us and voting, in February 2010 to shut VT Yankee down by declining a Certificate of Public Good passed March 21, 2012!

We urge the state not to back down; to fight for Vermont's democratic process and to continue to fight Entergy.

We urge the Attorney General appeal Judge Murtha's bad decision.

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