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Urge Timberland to take the next steps in protecting the Amazon and the climate



Greenpeace's recent victory with Nike establishing a policy to protect the Amazon is just the beginning of our fight to save our planet! Responding to the concerns that its demand for leather is fueling deforestation of the Amazon and contributing to climate change, Timberland has taken a major step forward in the latest statement around the sourcing of leather from the Amazon rainforest. While this is a positive step, Timberland has failed to take a hard line against one of the dirtiest companies in Brazil.  Bertin, a supplier of leather to Timberland, supports the deforestation and burning of the Amazon to graze cattle.  Timberland must set a deadline for Bertin to support a moratorium on cattle expansion if they want to truly create a policy that doesn’t support Amazon destruction and climate change. If Bertin is allowed to continue business as usual because Timberland fails to act, we will continue to watch the Amazon fall to one of the dirtiest slaughterhouses in Brazil.

Please, write to Timberland now and thank them for taking the first step, but ask them to put their foot down once and for all by establishing a policy of accepting absolutely no from Bertin unless they commit to a moratorium on any new deforestation for cattle expansion.  If Timberland does not take a hard line with suppliers who are destroying the Amazon and our climate for cattle, who will?





Letter to
Timberland Kate King
Timberland Jeffrey Swartz
I am very happy to hear that you have taken the first steps towards eliminating Amazon destruction from your supply chain. But I am concerned that your supplier, Bertin, is still supporting the expansion of cattle into the Amazon.

Cattle expansion is the largest single cause of deforestation in the world and, given your dependence on leather, I am counting on you to pressure suppliers to stop the deforestation of the Amazon for cattle. It is time for Bertin to support a moratorium on new cattle expansion and if they cannot it is time to publicly set a deadline for when they need to support a moratorium if they want to keep your business. Because the leather you purchase might end up in my shoes, this is a critically important issue to me. You have a solid environmental record. Timberland can and should take the further steps necessary to be a true sustainability leader.

Every step counts to save the Amazon and the climate. Please, put your foot down to make absolutely certain that Timberland is not doing business with Bertin unless they commit to an immediate moratorium on cattle expansion.

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