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Urge the Senate to Stop the Risky Keystone XL Pipeline

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The Keystone XL fight has reached a crisis moment. Republican leaders in the Senate and their Big Oil backers are once again pushing the risky toxic oil pipeline.

President Obama was right to stand up to the political pressure from Big Oil and Republican leaders in Congress and refuse to make a rushed decision that could affect the health and safety of Americans. But now, continuing to walk in lockstep with their Big Oil backers, Republican leaders in the Senate are putting the oil industry’s profits ahead of the public interest.

Big Oil has misled Americans about the chances of an environmental disaster, misled us about the number of jobs the tar sands pipeline would create, and misled us about how their pipeline would actually mostly benefit foreigners, not Americans.

As their record shows, we can’t take Big Oil at its word. A previous, similar pipeline had 14 spills in its first year of operation alone, including a six-story geyser that dumped 21,000 gallons of oil in North Dakota

A toxic oil pipeline built anywhere across America’s heartland would jeopardize vital freshwater supplies. We can’t subject our country to the risks involved with another BP-like disaster, especially when freshwater for millions of Americans is at stake.

Instead of playing politics around a pipe-dream, we need to focus on the things that most contribute to our energy security – strengthening America’s clean energy economy and moving forward with improved standards for fuel efficiency.

But first things first, we need to stop Big Oil’s attempt to ram the risky tar sands Keystone XL pipeline through the Senate.

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