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Petitioning Board of Pharmacy

Urge the Pharmacy Board to Oppose Changing the Pharmacy Access Rules

The Washington Board of Pharmacy voted 3-2 to draft a new pharmacy rule, and no longer require pharmacies to provide the medications you need, including emergency contraception, without hassle, delay or judgment.

Do not let the Pharmacy Board backtrack on its support for patient access. Sign this petition to send a message to the Board of Pharmacy urging them to oppose a change to the current rules.

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Letter to
Board of Pharmacy
I support the existing Board of Pharmacy rules, and was pleased when the Board passed them unanimously in 2007. They are strong rules that make sure patients' needs are paramount, but also allow for the personal beliefs of individual pharmacists to be respected.

I urge the Board of Pharmacy to oppose changing rules that have already been through a thorough public process and where the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has sent clear signals in their rulings that this policy is constitutional.

Washingtonians deserve access to the medications they need, including time-sensitive ones like emergency contraception, on site and on time. Patients should be able to access legal medications without discrimination or delay.

Thank you,

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