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Urge The Kentucky Parole Board to Keep "Cat Killer" (Russell Swigart) Behind Bars!

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Russell Swigart is up for parole in February, after serving 2 years and 5 months of a 12 year prison sentence.  He pled guilty in 2008, for 2nd degree Breaking & Entering and 2 counts of animal torture under Romeo's Law for stabbing 2 pet cats to death.  (10 yrs. for B&E and 2 yrs. for animal torture)

My name is Bridgett Wright and I am the victim in this case.  Swigart broke into my Lakeside Park condo, after sending me threatening texts that he "wanted me dead."  He was armed with an 11 inch Buck Knife.  I was out of town on a last minute business trip. When he saw I was not home, he took out his rage on two of the most important things in my life--Mr. Frank and Piggy.  These were cats I adopted at birth & loved for nearly 8 years.  Swigart then texted me saying, "You should get home and clean up the mess.  Piggy & Frank have seen better days.  I just stabbed your cats to death.  Piggy put up a good fight, but Frank went out like a b****."  I called the police & alerted my family.  Driving home, from 3 hours away, was torture in itself.  The only information confirmed by police, was that my home had in fact been violated.  I didn’t know for sure if they were dead until I arrived home. It was the worst night of my life.  When he does get out of jail—I will live in fear of this man.

Russell Swigart has a long history of stalking/threatening women and torturing or killing their pets.  There are at least 5 other known women with pets that he has victimized.  Swigart is mentally unstable and a danger to society.  He needs to be stopped before he kills a person.  I desperately need the support of all animal lovers and concerned citizens to urge The Kentucky Parole Board to deny his parole and make him “SERVE OUT” the remaining 10 years of his sentence!  Please give your support by signing this petition today!!

The Kenton County Prosecuter, Justin Sanders, who prosecuted this case was quoted in the Kentucky Enquirer saying, "It is not unreasonable to believe that (Swigart) may even be a serial killer in the making," on January 26, 2011

I have a victim’s hearing on February 14th and need to raise at least 1,000 signatures before then.  Please help!!  Pass this along—together we can reach this goal!

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