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Petitioning American Psychiatric Association DSM-V Task Force

Urge the DSM-V Task Force to add Parental Alienation Disorder

Parental Alienation is a form of emotional abuse where one parent manipulates children to reject the other loving parent.  Statistics show that 85% of divorce and custody disputes involve this form of child abuse.

The diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is the reference book that therapists and psychologists use to properly diagnose a patient.  In order for a new disorder to be added The Task Force is required to go through very time consuming and rigorous process in order for any disorder to be included in the next edition of the DSM.

In terms of disorders getting into the DSM, Parental Alienation is relatively new - the term was only coined in 1985, although the disorder has been tearing families apart for much longer.  Asperger's Disorder took 37 years to get into the DSM and Tourette's Disorder took 95 years.  We cannot let families suffer with Parental Alienation for that long!!  Please join me in urging the DSM-V Task Force to work to include Parental Alienation Disorder in the next version of the book.

Letter to
American Psychiatric Association DSM-V Task Force
Families all over the world have been suffering the detrimental effects of Parental Alienation Disorder for too long. I am asking the Task Force to do everything possible to get this destructive disorder into the DSM-V.

As you must know, statistics show that 85% of divorce and custody disputes contain elements of Parental Alienation Disorder. This is a staggering amount of children, and many of them suffer long-term effects from it. Victims of emotional abuse often take longer to heal than victim of physical abuse. We cannot allow emotional abuse such as Parental Alienation continue in our families any longer.

The destructive actions of the Alienating parent often go undiagnosed or completely ignored simply because therapists and psychologists are not able to diagnose the disorder with supportive backing from the DSM-IV.

On behalf of children and families everywhere, I am respectfully asking you to do everything possible to get Parental Alienation Disorder included in the DSM-V.

Thank you,

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