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Urge Taiwan to Improve Government-Run Animal Shelters


Dear friends, please ask Taiwanese officials to address the outrageously inhumane conditions in government-run animal shelters. For more information (and to sign an additional petition), please visit:

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Embassy of Taiwan in the USA
Embassy of Taiwan in the UK
Embassy of Taiwan in Canada
I write with grave concern regarding Taiwan's government-run animal "shelters." A recent investigation conducted by the Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan reveals that:

- Animals are placed in garbage dumps, cemeteries, and slaughterhouses and often left with food that is infested with ants, maggots, and mildew. Many are not given any sustenance at all and are left to die of thirst or starvation.
- "Housing" provided for animals often consists of tiny, cramped cages that are left outdoors, exposing animals to the elements.
- Animals are caged without behavioral assessment, leaving smaller animals to be bullied and injured in fights.
- Animals are not given any medical attention or supervision, leaving those with infections or diseases to suffer and die while maggots eat away at their flesh.
- Animals' corpses are left to rot. Dog fur and skeletons are often found in abandoned cages or strewn around junkyards.

Please, I respectfully urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that Taiwan's stray animals receive the care and protection they deserve. Please insist that Taiwanese officials greatly improve government-run shelters. Thank you kindly for your immediate action.


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