Urge Starbucks to replace plastic straws with biodegradable alternatives

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Plastic straws are an immense contributor to pollution, both of the water and the land. While all single-use plastics are an issue, straws are some of the most routinely found littering beaches and clogging the stomachs of sea life. It is both astonishing and devastating to learn about how much waste winds up in our water sources, in sea creatures, and in our own bodies through the consumption of micro plastics on a daily basis. The good news is that it's not too late to turn things around!

Cities around the world are favoring bans on plastic bags and straws in an effort to minimize the consumption of these wasteful products. A great step in keeping our land and water clear and thriving is urging corporations, like Starbucks, to participate in the removal of plastic.  Starbucks stores around the UK are currently set to do trial runs of biodegradable straws, and it's time to go global! 

For the sake of our water quality and our own well-being, we must bid farewell to plastic straws.

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