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Urge Soledad O'Brien and CNN, with Get Equal Now, to do a "Gay in America 2"

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PLEASE URGE Ms. Soledad O’Brien and CNN producers:

I urge CNN to consider doing a more diverse “Gay in America 2” because this is a perfect time for a major news network to put the story of gay life in America, an experience that is both challenging and inspirational, on a national platform. In an article written in Now Public by Rhonda J. Mangus dated November 2, 2009 included a petition of 800 signatures that urged CNN to do “Gay in America.” My goal is 1600 signatures and hope you will do another series that more accurately represents our community. I CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU! PLEASE PASS ON!

But, we are not just “Gay in America” we are Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Transgender, Transsexual, People of Color, Activists and other unheard voices in our extremely diverse community.


There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 

 Maya Angelou

Additional topics to LGBT activism, bullying in schools, work-places and even the federal government, DADT has cost 12,000+ military employees their careers. DOMA, which denies tax breaks and adoption. 30% of teen suicides are directly related to sexual orientation/identity and HIV/AIDS continues to ravage the gay community in disproportionate numbers.  Homophobia coupled with racism and sexism create barriers for gay/bisexual women and racial minorities.

Here an upcoming film by Laura Martin (Lesbian) that shows the struggles of some in our LGBT community and the activists fighting for their rights like me.


MARCH ON” film trailer: 


In the midst of this affliction a unique, defiant cultural identity has been established as well as a grassroots political campaign to achieve equality. In the past decade six states have legalized gay marriage and many states and cities have enacted policies that bring gay Americans closer to full citizenship. Meanwhile, science continues to offer new information on sexual orientation and gender identity.


Overall, American gays are a community of leaders, activists, artists, teachers, parents, soldiers, daughters and families, ordinary citizens with amazing, courageous stories that need to be shared. I believe CNN has the capacity to present this topic in an informative, progressive manner.


LGBT Community:


WE NEED YOUR HELP! We can not do this without our community so please pass on this petition and stand up for diversity. Your voice = Your Equality. Thank you for your time and consideration.




C.D. Kirven and Michael RobinsonGET EQUAL NOW (

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