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Urge the government to make hemodialysis treatment free to all Filipinos

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WHEREAS, kidney failure has emerged as one of the major health problems throughout the country, with thousands of patients now having to undergo regular twice- to four-times a week hemodialysis treatment of four hours each in order to survive;

WHEREAS,  this life-time need for regular dialysis has given constant pressure to thousands of kidney or dialysis patients and their respective families who have to continuously cope with the prohibitive costs of maintaining their dialysis treatment sessions, aside from regular and emergency medical  examinations, hospitalization and medicines;

WHEREAS, dialysis patients in Baguio last year successfully petitioned Philhealth, the country’s medical support service, to double its fund support to dialysis patients  from 45 dialysis sessions to 90 per year;

WHEREAS, the 90-sessiosn-per-year Philhealth support is far from enough, as a patient undergoing three-times-a-week hemodialysis has to have 156 session a year, or 66 sessions more than the 90-session-per-year support from Philhealth;

WHEREAS, this discrepancy is aggravated by the fact that the 90-session Phillhealth support is also being whittled down by medical confinement that kidney or dialysis patients are likely to undergo, which is equivalent to the cost of one session per day of hospitalization;

WHREAS, this arrangement  is discouraging dialysis patients from undergoing confinement even if they need to be hospitalized for fear that the Philhealth support for their dialysis would be used up by their stay in the hospital;

WHEREAS, the medical condition of patients who skip dialysis treatment due to fund lack deteriorates, leading to their hospitalization and eventual emergency dialysis on a promise-to-pay agreement; 

WHEREAS, with the year ending, dialysis patients who have used up the 90-session-per-year  Philhealth support are turning to the Department of Social Welfare, local government officials, senators and congressmen for support through the political leaders’ official funds  to tide them over until the new year, when a fresh Philhealth annual support can again be had;

WHEREAS, patients who are not able to access any of  the aforementioned sources of support are always at a loss, with some having no choice but to forego one, two or three dialysis sessions, in the process suffering from congestion, with some deciding to forego dialysis for good, waiting for death to end the financial suffering of their families;

WHEREAS, it is imperative for the government, through the Department of Health, the Philhealth, the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the Congress of the Philippines , to make dialysis treatment a free medical service addressing a medical emergency  arising from kidney failure;

WHEREAS, this sound medical care policy has been adopted in the United States considering the fact that kidney failure is always a medical emergency needing life-saving dialysis;

NOW THEREFORE, on motion duly seconded, be it

RESOLVED, to send this resolution to all Sanggunians, from the barangay, municipal, city to the provincial levels in the Cordillera and beyond, urging them to pass similar resolutions addressed to national government officials and offices which have a say towards a national policy providing free dialysis treatment to all Filipinos suffering from kidney failure, and to initiate a signature campaigns in their respective constituencies;  

RESOLVED FINALLY, that this Resolution be also forwarded to His Excellency, President  Rodrigo Duterte, the members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines, the Secretary of the Department of Health, the Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the Philhealth for their information and appropriate action towards a free-dialysis health policy.


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