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Urge Ohio Governor to Start This Initiative That's Proven to Triple Recycling Rates

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This is a petition to urge Ohio lawmakers to implement a bottle deposit law in our state. A bottle deposit law would allow you to receive 5-10 cents each time you return a bottle made of glass, plastic, or metal to a designated bottle return center around town.

This bottle deposit law would drastically benefit:

  1. Our earth
  2. Our wallets
  3. Our homeless population

A bottle deposit law is a proven strategy that has tripled recycling rates and reduced litter by 69-84% in the 10 states it has been implemented. Let's make Ohio the 11th state! In Michigan, thanks to their 10 cent bottle deposit refund, 96% of containers (metal, glass, paper, and plastic) are recycled in the state. In Ohio, we recycle a sad 10% of our glass containers. Not to mention, beverage containers account for 40-60% of our litter. This is concerning, given that it takes beverage containers the following amount of time to decompose:

  • Glass: One million years
  • Plastic: Never fully decomposes
  • Aluminum: 200-250 years

Our earth has limited resources and the unsustainable way we're living is quickly depleting our only home. We need to make some radical changes if we want our planet to remain healthy and beautiful for our children and their children. This bottle deposit law is one way to give back to our earth and the generations to come.

It is absurd that Ohio lawmakers have rejected a bottle deposit law in the past, despite the proven benefits. Help me convince Ohio lawmakers to implement this initiative by signing this petition.

After all, our health relies on the health of our earth.

With gratitude,

Joey Doherty

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