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Urge Morocco to create Amina's Law and punish child rapists


Sixteen year old Amina Filali committed suicide by ingesting rat poisen because she was forced to marry her rapist of a year ago. According to Moroccan law, Article 475, a child rapist who is reported can either go to jail for 10 years or marry the girl who was raped and escape prison. If the rapist choses to marry the child, the family of the rape victim is no longer shamed by the act. The thoughts and feelings of the girl are not even remotely considered. This is SHAMEFUL and the poor girl was so distraught and tramatized by the marriage and subsequent beatings from her husband, that she chose death rather than live that nightmare.

Please sign this petition and urge King Mohammed VI and the people of Morocco to abolish this cruel law and protect their children from predators. Women deserve human rights and Amina Filali died to bring this to the attention of the world. Sign this for Amina.

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  • Mohammed VI, King of Morocco
  • Majlis al-Nuwab
    Assembly of Representatives
  • Majlis al-Mustasharin
    Assembly of Councillors

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