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Urge Louis Vuitton to go fur-free

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Fur has unfortunately been on the rise in recent years, with millions more animals being subjected to horrendous fur farm conditions and outdated slaughter methods each year. Leading the cruel trend is fashion house, Louis Vuitton which is no stranger to using fur. The company has always had an unhealthy obsession with animal skins. From fox tail handbags to monogram mink scarves, the company continues to use fur regardless of the high quality alternatives radily available.  While Action for our Planet (AFOP) has contacted Louis Vuitton before, informing them of the cruel nature of fur, they continue to exploit animals for profit. According to an email sent from Louis Vuitton to Action for our Planet, all of the fur used by Louis Vuitton comes from fur farms.

All fur farms, despite what they may claim, are unethical, cruel and inhumane. Animals live out their entire lives in inadequately sized cages where they become susceptible to illness, infection and psychological damage. After a short life, they are killed using unimaginably painful methods including: skinning the animal alive, annually electrocuting them and strangling them. With the alternatives available, there is simply no need to use fur. Please email Louis Vuitton to ask them to end their use of fur. 


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