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In Canada’s maritime province of Nova Scotia, a seal hunt is due to take place starting on Thursday the 24th of February. The hunt, intended to kill 60,000 grey seals, has been given the go ahead by the Canadian federal Department of Fisheries. The hunt was originally scheduled to start Thursday the 17th of February, but has been delayed due to bad weather. 

Sealers employ brutal methods to slaughter seals including; bludgeoning seals to death, clubbing seals until they become motionless and hacking at the seals skin with a hakapik whilst it is alive. Seal hunting is considered so cruel and inhumane that the United States, Mexico and the European Union have banned all seal imports. Most Canadians find seal hunting cruel and unneccesary with 86 percent of Canadians supporting the EU ban on seal imports.

Please urge the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia and the Premier to call off the seal hunt immediately and spare the lives of 60,000 grey seals.

For more information on the Canadian seal hunt:

(CC) Seal pup Image by Julian Dowse


Letter to
Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Hon. Mayann E. Francis
Premier of Nova Scotia Hon. Darrell Dexter
I am emailing you to ask that you call off the Hay Island, Nova Scotia seal hunt immediately. 60,000 grey seals are scheduled to be killed in accordance with the Department of Fisheries hunt quota.

The hunt is both cruel and unnecessary because it generates little profit for sealers. Seal pelts only sell for around $21 and therefore, do not provide a vital income to the sealers. Instead of choosing to invest in reliable sources of income and permanent jobs for the sealers of Nova Scotia, the Canadian government chooses to invest in a dying and unpopular industry that provides sealers with a small income for a few short weeks of each year.

The market for seal products can be classified as virtually non-existent because seal imports are banned in Mexico, the US and the EU. Therefore, it is utterly irresponsible and unnecessary to continue the killing of grey seals.

Please understand my concerns and take the relevant action. I hope you will make the decision to call off the Hay Island seal hunt immediately.

Thank you for your time.