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Urge Joyce Meyer to Condemn Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill

UPDATE: Joyce Meyer Ministries has responded to our requests, and has released a strong statement condemning Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Thank you to everyone who sent Joyce Meyer a message. Your voice certainly made a difference here.

Joyce Meyer is one of the world's most renowned religious leaders, regularly selling out arenas for her talks, and garnering a worldwide audience of fans and admirers. One of the countries where Joyce Meyer and her ministry offices are most active is Uganda. Yet, while Uganda currently debates a law that will punish gays and lesbians with death or imprisonment, Joyce Meyer has remained silent.

Given Joyce Meyer's influence in the country, not to mention her ministry's commitment to humanitarian work, it's important for he to lend her voice to the worldwide movement calling for Uganda to abandon efforts to pass legislation that will kill or imprison gay people and straight people who support gay rights.

Neutrality in the face of a potential slaughter of innocent people is never an option, regardless of their sexual orientation. Joyce Meyer can indeed lend a major voice toward defeating this bill. Urge her to do so now.

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