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Urge Indian Government to prosecute War Criminals of Sri Lanka


We the People of Civil Society against  War Crimes put up a sincere appeal to the Indian Government to raise its democratic voice openly against the injustice committed on Humanity in Sri Lanka and act decisively to punish the war criminals.

Indian media has got a greater role in exposing the war crimes of Sri Lanka and also to bring out the plight of innocent Tamils in the island. Therefore we request Indian media act to immediately in this regard.  


We appeal to Government of India to uphold its democratic traditions and take action to demand for conducting / supporting impartial international enquiry into the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka and to punish the guilty.

Latest Evidence for War Crimes and Genocide. Click the link



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  • NDTV
  • Times of India Editor
    Times of India
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  • Foreign affairs
  • Times Now
  • President of India
    Prathiba Patil
  • Home Minister
    P chidambaram
  • BJP Leader
    Sushma Swaraj
  • Secretary Foreign Affairs
    Nirupama Rao
  • Minister of External affairs
    S M Krishna
  • Minister of External Affairs
    Sushma Swaraj

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