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Oakleigh Reed is a transgender senior at Mona Shores High School in Muskegon, Michigan. He has not yet completed the transition process, but he identifies as a man, goes by male pronouns, and plans to get a sex change operation when he turns 18.

Reed ran for homecoming king and got overwhelming support from his peers. Yet, Mona Shores administrators invalidated the votes he received and disallowed him from running for homecoming king because he's enrolled at the high school as a female.

Reed should not be denied of the opportunity to run for homecoming king due to his legal sex. Reed identifies as a man and should be treated as such. The actions of Mona Shores are discriminatory against transgender students and show a complete disregard for Reed's identity.

Please urge Mona Shores administrators to apologize to Reed for their discriminatory actions and change their policies to allow transgender people to run for homecoming and prom king and queen based on their gender identity.

Letter to
Superintendent Terry Babbit
Assistant Superintendent Todd Geerlings
Mona Shores High School Principal Jennifer Bustard
and 1 other
Mona Shores High School Assistant Principal Walt Gawkowski
Mona Shores student Oakleigh Reed should be allowed to run and be elected as homecoming king. While he is legally female, he identifies -- and should be treated as -- a man. By denying Reed of the opportunity to run for homecoming king, Mona Shores is not only discriminating against Reed based on his gender identity, but sending the message to other students that the identity of transgender students should be disregarded.

Transgender students deserve the right to assert their gender identity without fear of discrimination. Please show respect for transgender students by apologizing to Reed for your discriminatory decision to deny him the opportunity to become homecoming king. Also, please change your policies to allow transgender students to run for homecoming and prom king and queen based on their gender identity.

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