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Urge Governor-elect Jerry Brown to Stand Up for Safe, Sustainable Food


Our state's food system should prioritize healthy food access, environmental stewardship, a valued workforce, and economic prosperity. There is much room for improvement. Many Californians are deeply concerned about unhealthy food and agriculture in our state. 

Soon, California's new governor, Jerry Brown, will take office. He will be setting his policy agenda for the next four years. When he walks into his new office, we want Governor-elect Brown to know that thousands of people want him to support healthy food and farms for all Californians during his tenure. 

California's food system should provide healthy and affordable food, benefits and wealth to workers and farmers. Policies should be in place to help restore the soil, water, species diversity, and climate upon which food production depends. 

With the right policies, we have the power to nourish California with abundant safe, healthy, fresh, affordable food for everyone. We must seize this moment to make sure that healthy food and agriculture are recognized as vital to the future of our state by our policy makers. 

Take action and sign this petition urging Governor-elect Jerry Brown and the California Legislature to push for comprehensive legislation that supports healthy food and farms for all Californians. 

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