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Urge Florida to Stop Condemning Animal Victims of Cruelty

Current Florida state law deems any dog used for the purpose of dog fighting, or trained for dog fighting, as "dangerous." This is basically a death sentence for any dog rescued in a fight bust -- the victims of animal cruelty. As we've seen in the Michael Vick case, all dogs are individuals and former fight bust dogs can become family pets and therapy dogs.

Florida is one of thirteen states who further victimize the innocents. Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wisconsin are the others that either arbitrarily order the puppies and dogs seized from fighting yards destroyed or classify as "dangerous."

Rep. Luis Garcia and Sen. Jim Norman want to give the victims of cruelty a chance. They've filed HB 4075 and SB 722 to repeal this stigma. 

Please be the voice of the animals and sign the petition.

Best Friends Animal Society is spearheading the drive to get this humane legislation passed. Florida residents should also take action on the Best Friends website.

Letter to
Florida Governor
I urge you to support HB 4075/SB 722 to repeal the arbitrary designation of "dangerous" for any dog that has been used primarily or in part for the purpose of dog fighting, or is a dog trained for dog fighting.

As we've seen in the Michael Vick case, all dogs are individuals and should be judged by their temperament, not their appearance or what they were made to do by their abusers. Some of the abused dogs in the Vick case are now therapy dogs.

Indeed, the American Bar Association House of Delegates is considering a resolution supporting individual behavior evaluations for all victims of cruelty -- including fight busts, puppy mills and animal hoarder situations.

Most states do not penalize the victims of abusers. Please vote yes on HB 4075/SB 722 to give all puppies and dogs seized in cruelty cases a chance for life.

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