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Fashion store Dolls Kill, as the name suggests, is all about killing. The store sells a wide selection of real fur fox tails through it’s online store Despite knowing how foxes suffer on fur farms, the stores owner has refused to stop selling real fur items. Hundreds of people have already contacted the stores owner through Twitter and through but have had little response, other than one claim by the owner that the fur items were not actually made from real fur. If the store owner is saying that the fur is both real and faux when it is fact solely real fur, then this is a violation of The Truth in Fur Labelling Act. Please urge Dolls Kill to ditch fur immediately and instead invest in high quality and cheaper faux fur alternatives.

Letter to
Dolls Kill's Owner Shoddy Lynn
I am emailing to express my concern over your store selling real fur fox tails. Around 4.5 million foxes are killed every year for their pelts with a significant amount being bred and slaughtered in Finland. On fur farms, foxes are crammed together in small cages where they often resort to cannibalism and chewing their own legs off. This self-mutilation is a direct result of the psychological strain experienced from living in cramped and filthy cages. The most common method of slaughtering a fox is anal or vaginal electrocution. In this excruciating process, a metal rod is shoved inside the animal while the farmer places a rod along with an electric wire inside the mouth of the fox. These animals have no choice but to bite the metal rod and be electrocuted to death. Farmers adopt this hideous method because they claim it helps fluff the fur out.

There are many high quality alternatives to real fur that are often cheaper than the real thing. Please stop selling all real fur.

Thank you for your time.

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