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There are fewer than 200 Florida panthers left in the wild—making it one of the country's most critically endangered species.

Federal conservation programs have been crucial in preventing the Florida panther from going extinct, but right now these and many other programs that are important to wildlife conservation are at risk of getting cut by Congress.

You have the power to help save the Florida panther—make sure crucial conservation programs are not gutted by Congress' efforts to reduce the federal deficit.

Send a message to your members of Congress today urging them to oppose cuts to crucial conservation programs that could help save the Florida Panther from extinction.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
As you work to reduce the federal deficit, I write to request that you ensure that conservation programs are not negatively impacted. America's investments in wildlife and natural resource conservation are not to blame for the budget problems we face today.

I understand that budgets must be reduced to lessen the federal deficit; however, those cuts should be in line with the values of the American people, and cuts to conservation programs that protect our wildlife and natural resources are not aligned with those values.

A serious effort to address the deficit should include:

*Closing loopholes for oil and gas corporations, and other subsidies to polluters and programs that harm the environment.

*Raising revenues and protecting against further cuts to conservation spending that would harm all Americans.

*Passing a deficit reduction bill that's free of any anti-environment policy riders or provisions blocking environmental protection.

With your leadership, we can responsibly and successfully address and solve our federal deficit issues in a manner that can protect our natural world.


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