Urge congress to look into peace education in American Faculties

Urge congress to look into peace education in American Faculties

July 5, 2022
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Started by Dhruv Chitiprolu

Gun violence is a huge problem in the U.S and we have seen more than 250 mass shootings in our nation so far this year. This is more than any other developed nation and there needs to be a stop to this madness. Interestingly, I read an article about an Indian religious chief named Acharya Lokesh Muni who suggested ‘peace education’ to deal with gun violence when he was meeting with President Biden in a Democratic Party Occasion in Los Angles Final week. He said, “The drawback isn’t solely weapons, however the issue is with the
mindset, the actual answer is to coach that mindset inside our
mind.” Muni also said, “We have to introduce ‘Peace Education’ from the first degree
itself, and if we’re profitable in doing this, then we are going to discover a
everlasting answer.” This is what I believe is going to solve the gun problem that has plagued our country. “Gun is just an instrument, it’s a device, the actual drawback is
the human mind. I’m not saying this solely being an Indian monk or
a Jain saint. It is a scientific fact, medical science additionally
accepts that it if the coed’s sympathetic nervous system is extra
energetic than both the parasympathetic nervous system, she or he
will both go into an inferiority (complex) or turn into aggressive
as seen by college students taking pictures a number of individuals in Texas and on the
University of Virginia.”

Congress members, President Biden, and Madam Vice President, there is a window of opportunity for us to solve gun violence. I know that you passed an important gun reform bill Mr. President, plus members of Congress and I also know that there is still more work to do to solve this. But, I ask you to look hard into this and maybe consider implementing peace education in American faculties in order to calm down the nerves of being too aggressive. 

Sincerely, Dhruv C 

Coppell, TX

Future Sophomore and High School student 

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Signatures: 146Next Goal: 200
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