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American Family Insurance has a corporate canine profiling policy.  They deem any homeowner who has an American Pit Bull Terrier, Chow, Akita, or Rottweiler as ineligible for coverage.

Pets are members of the family, too.  American Family should not decide whether to insure a homeowner simply because of his pet's appearance.  They should base their corporate policies on a dog's behavior, not breed. 

Take action now!  Politely tell American Family corporate  executives to stop discriminating against breeds of dogs.


American Family Insurance is sending out a letter to participants stating that the reason why they discriminate against dogs is because of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).  The CDC, in their report, stated that they were against breed discriminatory measures.

American Family also mentioned that their agents can't judge dog behavior-yet they are expecting them to correctly identify the heritage of a mixed-breed dog?  The petition has been modified to call them on their bogus claims.  Keep spreading the word!


Letter to
VP, American Family Insurance Pamela Steffen
VP, American Family Insurance Harvey Pierce
VP, American Family Insurance Bradley Gleason
and 7 others
VP, American Family Insurance Gerry Benusa
VP, American Family Insurance Lisa Bacus
Treasurer, American Family Insurance Daniel Schultz
President, American Family Insurance Jack Salzwedel
VP, American Family Insurance T Lavin
VP, American Family Insurance R Ritchie
American Family Insurance Bernard McCartan
American Family Insurance's underwriting policy arbitrarily lists several dog breeds on its ineligible to insure list. Coverage eligibility should be based on a dog's behavior, not its appearance.

In fact, the CDC, in its latest report in the 1990s, came out against breed specific regulations. So does the National Canine Research Council.

People love their dogs. Indeed, the vast majority of Americans view their pets as members of their family. American Family is reducing its market share by alienating responsible dog owners.

As a pet owner, a current and/or future homeowner, and a member of the community, I urge American Family Insurance to adopt a policy similar to Farmer's Insurance that determines coverage eligibility based on a dog's behavior, not its breed. In a recent email from Consumer Affairs, you state your agents aren't experts in dog behavior, but are they trained in breed identification? How do they know the heritage of a mixed breed dog? According to Dr. Victoria Voith, even animal shelter employees are wrong 75% of the time when guessing the heritage of a mixed breed dog compared to DNA testing.

I hope American "Family" Insurance starts living up to its name and changes its policy and stops discriminating against dogs because of their appearance like Farmer's Insurance Company.

Thank you for your consideration in this humane matter.

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