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Urge Alabama Legislators to Ban Gas Chambers for Animals

There's no excuse for using gas chambers to euthanize animals. Compared to euhanasia by injection (EBI), gas is both far less humane and far more expensive. 

Alabama legislators are considering "Beckham's Act," HB 147 and SB 172, which would ban the use of carbon monoxide gas chambers in animal shelters. The bill is named for Beckham, a dog who survived the gas chamber earlier this year.

With over 50 cosponsors, Beckham's Act seems to have the support to pass, but it's up to animal advocates like you to make sure that Alabama legislators pass this important legislation this year.

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Letter to
Alabama Governor
I'm writing today to urge you in the strongest possible terms to vote yes on Beckham's Act (HB 147/SB 172), which would ban the use of carbon monoxide gas chambers in animal shelters, and require the more humane euthanasia by injection (EBI) method.

EBI is both more humane and less expensive. In a gas chamber, animals are tightly packed in, and often bite and claw each other, trying to get out. The entire experience can take half and hour or longer. It also costs an average of $4.98 per animal to use carbon monoxide gas, compared with $2.29 per animal using EBI, according to Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation.

Beckham's Act has the support of animal advocacy groups as well as over 50 members of the Alabama Legislature, including both the Speaker of the House and President Pro Tem of the Senate. I hope you'll join your colleagues in voting favorably upon HB 147/SB 172.

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