Urban Company: Educate consumers about AC servicing to save energy #IndiaBeCool

Urban Company: Educate consumers about AC servicing to save energy #IndiaBeCool

10 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

India is melting this summer. 

After travelling on public transport to work in this heat, I feel drained and sucked out of energy. I know you also feel the same. Cooling our offices and homes becomes necessary to function properly in this heat. I was not surprised to learn that the sales of residential ACs (Air Conditioners) in the month of April 2022 was around 17.5 lakh units! The sales are double compared to April 2021 figures! Just like fridges, ACs are now becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, aren’t they?  

The Problem: But, air-conditioners are responsible for gas emissions which in turn harm the environment and increase our electricity bills. Thankfully, we can lessen the harmful impact of ACs by doing one simple thing: maintaining the AC unit by keeping the filters clean

AC manufacturer Daikin says replacing a blocked-up filter with a clean one can lower our air conditioner's energy consumption by anywhere from 5% to 15%. In simple words: If our AC filters are clean, we don’t need to keep our ACs at low temperatures for a longer time. Thus, we need more people to do this simple thing. Sign this petition if you feel the same.

Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association estimates that residential air conditioners may see record sales of around 90 lakh units this year. Imagine how this will increase electricity demand in our cities! This is urgent, sign this petition. 

Solution: Urban Company (formerly UrbanClap) has become a leading provider of any service related to ACs. Therefore, as a common citizen worried about heat, and a loyal customer, I am asking Urban Company to educate people about efficient AC usage. As a successful company which mentions “reducing carbon footprint” as an important issue in their Environmental, Social, and Governance report, I am sure they will listen to us if more people join the cause. Sign and share this petition. 

Urban Company has been influencing consumer choices through ads, app notifications and also through their AC technician partners who interact directly with consumers. So they can influence a positive change through campaigns and ads when most of India is battling a heatwave and high power bills. 

Of course, we need long-term heat reduction plans which include building green homes, increasing green cover, better heat action plans from the government etc. These will take time and till then people who can afford will reach out for the AC remote. Let us urge Urban Company to be a ‘Cool Company’ by encouraging customers to service their AC units which will lead to lesser power consumption and gas emissions which in turn is better for the environment. 

#IndiaBeCool and sign and share this petition. Small actions lead to big change. Today Urban Company has that power as a brand. 

Sign and share this petition widely! Raise awareness about this issue just in time for 5 June World Environment Day.

In solidarity with you,

Mayuri Bhattacharjee (Dignity in Disasters)

Link: https://www.dailypioneer.com/2022/business/ac-sales-hit-record-high-of-17-5-lakh-units-in-april--to-touch-90-lakh-in-2022--cema.html


This petition made change with 50 supporters!

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