Stop Doug Ford from Paving our Farmland and Encouraging Sprawl!

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Doug Ford is promising to his developer friends to open the Greenbelt for urban sprawl kind of development.

This is devastating. Our congestion will worsen, our air will worsen and our quality of life will worse as well.

The cost of urban sprawl is expensive, from congestion to pollution, from anxiety to the society. Urban Sprawl destroys the cities

Doug claims that this will cool down the housing market.... BUT! It WON"T! 

Former Mayor John Sewell provided stats in his book <The Shape of the City> that the housing price didn't go down as more and more farmlands were being paved over!

The Greenbelt is not a game of Lego. It cannot be pulled apart and plugged together with pieces of property yanked anywhere from the province. These lands are selected on the basis of their unique ecological and agricultural use. We do not want to move from food farms to sprawl farms. And Doug Ford has an obligation to tell people exactly what he’s agreed to in private with those who stand to profit from his plan.