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The Michigan Right to Farm Act (1981) insulates farmers from nuisance lawsuits and generally protects those who grow and sell their own food. In September, House Bill 6458 was introduced to specifically exclude urban farmers from the Right to Farm Act. This would impact communities with more than 900,000 residents such as Detroit, communities full of impoverished and working class people who have every right to grow, barter, and give away their own food.

House Bill 6458 will exacerbate the struggles of urban farmers and community supported agriculture, two things that greatly help the urban poor and working class. At a time when the Detroit unemployment rate is nearly one in four (25.5%), penalizing those who grow their own food is appalling.

Please ask Michigan representatives to vote against HB 6458! Tell MI representatives that urban farming and gardening is not a crime.

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Letter to
Michigan Speaker of the House Andy Dillon
Speaker Pro Tempore Pam Byrnes
Majority Floor Leader Kathy Angerer
and 2 others
Minority Leader Kevin Elsenheimer
Minority Floor Leader Dave Hildenbrand
The 1981 Right to Farm Act was passed to ensure that in an increasingly industrialized state, urban and suburban Michigan farmers would not be harassed or penalized for simply doing their job. The newly proposed legislation, House Bill 6458, would make it very difficult for urban farmers to continue to raise their own food, to trade and sell it as they see fit. In a time of economic crisis, when the Detroit unemployment level is exactly one in four (25.5%), it seems especially unfair to penalize urban gardeners and farmers for simply growing their own food and sharing it in their communities.

Please don't make the lives of poor and working class Michigan residents any more difficult than it already is. House Bill 6458 will make it very hard for urban farmers and community supported agriculture, two things that greatly help the urban poor. I strongly urge you to vote NO against HB 6458 and protect urban gardeners and farmers.

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