Rename "Druggie" in Urban Decay After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

Rename "Druggie" in Urban Decay After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

January 8, 2017
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Started by Maurah Ruiz

Urban Decay & Sephora,

This petition is to urge you to rename the eyeshadow "Druggie" in your After Dark Eyeshadow Palette. I'm not sure if you are aware, but in 2014, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported data detailing drug-induced deaths. 47,055 deaths were from drug overdose, 18,893 deaths from pharmaceutical painkillers, and 10,574 deaths from heroin overdose. That is a total of 76,522 deaths accounted for. All of these people lost their battle with drug addiction can and often times are referred to as "druggies," and you have named your eyeshadow after them.

Also, the CDC just released the 2015 data and it showed that there is an increase in all opioid death rates. The death rates keep going up, so much so that CDC is calling this an epidemic and congress has now decided to take action.

Using the term "druggie" in your eyeshadow palette is not only making light of 76,522 deaths; it is also incredibly heartless to the families of those who lost a loved one. The majority of your customers are young women and men, many of whom are looking to you to set an example of how to handle social situations, what terms to use, and what is right and wrong. When you associate the word "Druggie" with an eyeshadow palette that is intended (or at least marketed as) a "night out" palette, you are glamorizing drug use. This is not okay.

Drug addicts or "druggies" are people, humans just like you and I. People who have families who have mourned their loss or are working to overcome this battle. People who had children, children who may now grow up motherless, fatherless, or alone. People who had normal lives before a major surgery and could never recover from the dependence on pain killers.

I do not believe that naming your eyeshadow "druggie" was intended to be malicious and ill thought, but the fact of the matter is it actually is to all the people affected. Urban Decay is about having an independent spirit, breaking away from the status quo and exploring artistic expression, not glamorizing a condition so many people struggle with.

I understand artistic expression and consider myself to be an artist and creative in many ways shapes and forms. I love the spirit of Urban Decay and the After Dark Eyeshadow Palette with the names "Fringe," "Lounge," "Scene," and even "Sinful" but "Druggie," is not a term that I can support.

We have lost so many wonderful souls and artists to drugs including Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and countless others. The sadness experienced by the public at these loses should not be taken in vain.

Having personally seen the pain and desperation that drug addicts and their families experience I will not be supporting this palette. I will urge everyone in my network to do the same.

Some alternatives to the term "Druggie" could be:





Thank you for your time and above all for being a pioneer in cosmetics. I read on your website that you encourage conversation with your customers and fans. I hope to receive a response from you but ultimately I hope your company makes the right decision regarding this matter.


Maurah Ruiz



This petition made change with 1,306 supporters!

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