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Maintain Urban Decay's stance on cruelty free cosmetics

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Urban Decay has always stated that it is a cruelty free company. In fact on its website it proudly states "We’ve won some amazing awards, from Allure’s Best of Beauty (Hooray for 24/7 Pencils!) to PETA2’s Proggy for our cruelty-free and vegan efforts." However, this costmetic company will now be expanding to China where animal testing is required by law. While we are not against market relations with China, we are against such laws that require animal testing when there are other methods to ensure consumer safety. 

Regardless of the fact Urban Decay will not be doing the testing themselves, the company is knowingly entering a market in which animals will be tested in abhorrent ways with its products. This does not stay in line with the company's former cruelty stance.

Urban Decay's logic is that by entering the market in China they can create a shift in consciousness of the consumer market there and create a community wherein people are concerned with the inhumane treatment of animals and resolve to buy cruelty free products. However, to do this, Urban Decay believes it must first enter the market at a time when animal testing is still required by law for cosmetics. They are defaulting on their core values just to enter the market. Animals will be tested just to Urban Decay can encourage everyone to buy cruelty free, which they will no longer be.

Please help. Tell Urban Decay to maintain its stance on cruelty free cosmetics. Do not knowingly allow Urban Decay products to be tested on animals!


What would Marley think!? (It's Marley's Print that lets consumers know what is vegan, and thus even more cruetly free due to lack of honey or carmine)

Urban Decay's Statement can be found:,default,pg.html

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