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Urban Archery Deer Program

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After signing the petition please send a professional email to the Durham City Council including the Mayor at and tell them why you want Urban Archery to be allowed in the City, just as 34 other NC cities have done so far.  Please also consider writing the Council:  Council Members, Office of the City Council, 101 City Hall Plaza, Durham, NC, 27701.


-- 0 hunting accidents by bow and arrow to innocent by-standards have been recorded for the past 40 years by the NC Wildlife Commission

-- 17 deaths were reported between 2009 and 2011 and 3,000 injuries from deer-car collisions in North Carolina alone

-- Deer in Durham City Limits are estimated to have a population of 50-70 deer per square mile (acceptable levels are 20-30 dpsm without causing flora damage and decreased biodiversity)

-- According to the Durham Police Department, on 81 different occassions, officers have been called to deer-car collision sites between Oct. 1 and Nov. 15, 2012 (just over a month), all WITHIN CITY LIMITS (increased accidents=increased loss in taxpayer money and increased chance of injury)

-- Over populated deer herds contribute to an increased tick population (deer act as hosts for ticks) and Lyme disease, which is common in NC; ticks feed on mice where they pick up Lyme disease and many of these ticks move on to deer as hosts.  More deer=more hosts for ticks which increases the liklihood that people within city limits where deer populations are too many, might have a greater liklihood of contracting Lyme disease, a very serious disease, from ticks.

This petition is not a request to hunt within City Limits for enjoyment, but rather out of necessity due to the FACT that deer are overpopulated (estimated at over 50-70 deer per square mile compared to normal which is 20-30 dpsm) within Durham City Limits and the FACT that with this over population comes disease (Lyme disese, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other tick-borne illnesses; more car wrecks, deaths, and injuries; ornamental plant and crop damage; and an increase of predators (coyotes).

Archery hunting has been shown in many states including Georgia and West Virginia to be the most effective means of reducing the deer population.  The deer herd in Durham, NC is overpopulated with more than 50-70 deer per square mile.  Healthy deer numbers are between 20-30 deer per square mile.  Deer-vehicular collisions are abundant and ornamental plant damage prolific.  Over 30 million dollars in crop and ornamental plant damage in NC occurs each year.

Encouraging Town Council and the City Planning Committee to change the city ordinance to allow bow and arrow hunting for deer would help reduce the deer population and deer-car accidents, allow outdoor enthusiasts more places to hunt closer to home, help reduce damage on plants, and help reduce taxpayer money spent on police officers having to report to deer-car accident scenes.   

Deer will be killed one way or the other:  Starvation, cars or bow and arrow.  Archery hunting is the only practical means of helping reduce the deer population so that further problems do not persist like those mentioned above.   

Critics say archery hunting is dangerous which it is NOT.  According to the the NC Wildlife Resource Commission, who has been recording hunting accidents for the past 40 years, they do not have one single (zero) incidents recorded where a bow hunter has injured another person.  Cities in NC that have Urban Archery in place (34 cities already) and other states that allow urban archery including Atlanta, GA, West Virginia, and many states in the Midwest have not had any safety issues with urban archery hunting.  Other critics state that we humans have taken away deer's territory and we are the ones who are at fault.  I couldn't agree more.  

However, this does not take away the fact that deer are posing a health and physical risk to persons within the City Limits.  Humans are the only practical means of controlling the deer population within city limits.  Even with natural predators such as coyotes whose numbers are on the rise, due to no hunting pressure, deer are still out-producing coyotes at a rate that actually increases coyote populations due to so much food being provided for coyotes (deer fawns).

Much more hazardous is the fact that the liklihood of you driving your car and colliding with a deer is VERY GREAT which will truly result in monetary damage ($3,000 on average, increasing about 2% in cost each year, according to State Farm Insurance) as well as possible physical damage (and possibly even death--from 2009 to 2001 there were 17 fatalities from deer collisions!).  Please show me where there have been 17 or even 1 fatality of a deflected arrow to a non-hunter/innocent bystandard, related to urban archery hunting.


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