Equality for POC in UQAM

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This is a petition to strengthen POC (people of colour)’s mental health in UQAM (Université du Québec À Montréal).

The school grants 5 free sessions for each students needing help. There is a lack of access in the psychology department for POC. This is my story;

I am Korean-Canadian. I live in Montreal since 1999. I developed social anxiety in 2018, so I had problems talking to teacher and making friends. Also have to mention that the design department is about 90% white people (teachers, staff, students etc...) (I have no problem with that).

The problem is, when i asked for help in the psychology department, the psychologist I got told me that he was unable to work with me because he was not trained to help POC and POC problems. He told me to go see a psychologist near St-Michel. 

All i want is equality for POC in UQAM. I pay my fees for services like any other student. I want to know that POC’s mental health is as important as white people’s mental health. Its already hard to feel different and be a minority in the school, I don’t need to also feel neglected.

Especially because of the on-going Police Brutality (african racism), and Covid19 (asian racism), we should expect a lot of POC needing mental help.

I want the same services as white students, equipped psychologist for our “exotic” problems.