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Upshur County Animal Control Officer: Reverse their decision to return China/Kia to her previous owners.

China was rescued as a stray by our rescue, Dustin's Angels.  When she was found, she was extremely malnourished.  She was taken to the vet immediately where it was discovered that she was not only malnourished, she was also suffering from severe tooth decay, a skin infection, overgrown toe nails, her ears were full of debris and infected.  We assumed she had been missing for quite a long time.  We were wrong.  She had been missing from her owners for a mere two hours.  The owners asked us to return her to them.  The owners said her name was Kia.  We refused until an investigation could be completed by the Humane Officer.  He has now ruled in their favor and we are to return her in a week.  Please help save China.  Don't make her go back to the owners that starved and neglected her.  Please sign the petition and share it with your friends to sign.  The picture I have posted of China is her improvement after just six days in our care.

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  • Upshur County Animal Control Officer
    Michael D. Miller

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