UPS/IBT Contract Reform

UPS/IBT Contract Reform

August 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tomas Jefferson


Dear International Brotherhood of Teamsters,

         We are your members, and we believe in our Union and want to take part in its improvement and success for current and future members. Reform is necessary. Change is the only constant. We demand to be heard.

As Such we stand by the following requests for our future contracts:

1)    Bi-yearly Mandatory election of All Stewards. “A jealous care of the right of election by the people -- a mild and safe corrective of abuses which are lopped by the sword of revolution where peaceable remedies are unprovided,” Thomas Jefferson.

§  Our unions should safeguard the people’s right to elect their officials. Elections allow the people to peaceably correct the direction of their officials when they have gone astray.

§  No more appointing. This opens the door to corruption

§  Free election weeds out laziness, and complacency


2)    Remove 2/3 rule: “absolute acquiescence in the decisions of the majority, the vital principle of republics, from which is no appeal but to force, the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism” Thomas Jefferson.

§  The decisions of the majority shall be accepted insofar as they do not infringe upon the inalienable rights of the people.

§  This rule punishes the members who care enough to vote

§  This rule allows corruption in leaders who do not work in the best interest of its members

§  This rule belittles members choices, treating us like ignorant children.

§  We deserve better, we deserve free choice and democracy not tyrants and tyranny.


3)    Union members retain all rights to vote in every level of our representation including local union presidents. “Diffusion of information and arraignment of all abuses at the bar of the public reason,” Thomas Jefferson.

§  There should be a transparent and open disclosure of what the union is doing as opposed to hiding things from its members.

§  Free election is what this country was founded on and is the foundation of how our contact was formed.

§  Our dues are disbursed to the union on all levels so should our rights to vote on all levels


4)     Safety Committee:

§  Gets a vote/heard on all building and equipment changes. We are the ones that will ultimately have to deal with the safety risks we should get a vote.

§  Monthly allotments for safety purposes regulated by the co-chair’s min 10$ per union member. This allows quicker turn around for small things needed now pertinent to the climate and environmental issues.

§  Monthly allotments for safety equipment regulated by the co-chair min 10$ per union member. This allows for dedicated funds to safety such as but not limited to mat replacements, cart maintenance, heating, cooling, and etc.

5)    24hr notice to schedule change without punishment.

§  We understand the need for flexibility with the changing environmental and political climates, but the company must understand our own personal and economical climates

§  We Need the option to accept or refuse late changes without punishment


6)    No outside contractors/helpers or Limited % of outside contract workers during peak and union members have seniority over All outside contractors (full time union members have rights on available work, then insider union members) % of outside workers should not exceed 10% of union employees in that classification (100 drivers = 10 pvds, Driver helpers 100 insiders to 10 outside contractors).

§  Teamsters was founded on the idea that ONLY Union labor is used, NOT outside labor

§  Teamsters was founded on the idea that seniority always prevails

§  Teamsters was founded on the idea that they will enforce these ideals


7)    Automatic contesting of firing regardless of the offense. “Freedom of person under the protection of the habeas corpus,” Thomas Jefferson.

§  People should be free from being fired and held without due process of the contract.

§  We are human and we make mistakes we deserve the right to defend ourselves and the union is obligated (because we pay dues/your salary) to defend our right to be heard

§  We are all Innocent until proven guilty so defend us


8)    Layoffs: laid off employees are automatically put on the extra work list; lay off employees must be offered work before managers can work

§  Seniority always prevails especially during layoffs and desperate times

§  Union members are offered opportunities before non-union members

§  No one should be deprived of opportunities because they are on vacation, disability, or laid off.


9)    Training by union members in same position min 2 weeks

§  Training is necessary in any field to become acclimated in order to work safely

§  Training by a union member in allows a stress free, open experience

§  Training by some in that position means real firsthand experience


10)  No More Business Agent – Steward Paid Meals “Economy in the public expense, that labor may be lightly burthened,” Thomas Jefferson.

§  The union should be kept limited and spend frugally so as to not unduly burden the people with taxes/dues.

§  Every Month on Saturdays the union pays for breakfast for all the stewards and business agents with our dues. But not a single one will answer the phone or be present on any Saturday. The company runs all over us on Saturdays while the union refuses to provide representation on Any Saturday. The union will meet every month in a large breakfast party with all the stewards and agents on our dime. But they are too afraid to meet with their constituents once a year for teamster day. SHAME ON YOU, WE DESERVE BETTER.


11)  No More contributing to political organizations, candidates, and PACs.

§ Political donations corrupt democracy in ways you might not realize. Warwick Smith report, “This is a complex and dirty game dominated by political donations, vested interests, personal ambition, class and power.” ( )

§  Democracy is not for sale!!!! Buying candidates crates corruption. Candidates rarely fulfill their promises despite their hefty payouts. “. It has become conventional wisdom that campaign contributions are bribes and that elective offices are for sale to the highest bidder.” Independent Institute, ( )

§  PACs are used as slush funds for lavish trips, meals, and entertainment. The majority of the money go to slush funds while 12% or less go towards what the PACs are created for. “Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore's leadership PAC also reported using just 12% of its total spending during the 2020 election cycle on direct political contributions, while spending tens of thousands of dollars on fundraising, lodging and airfare. The PAC spent roughly $32,000 on meals and catering, including thousands of dollars at steakhouses and for delivery services, and spent thousands of dollars on event tickets purchased through Live Nation, StubHub and Ticketmaster, according to the report.” ABC News,( )


12) Equality Act: a rule defined for one class/job/fulltime/parttime ect is the same or its equivalent for all union members despite classification. Ex: follow your work is defined for drivers but would apply to all members ie part-timers, 25$ retention bonus for part times apply to drivers, its equivalent = 50$, ect.

§ Thomas Jefferson, “equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political.” Everyone is to be treated equally under the contract, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, political party, or job classification.

§ We are all teamsters, and any rules or privilege should apply to all despite whom it is defined for. We are in it together and should be treated equal. Anything else divides us and makes us fight with one another. We are one lets act like it and work together. Lets stop the company from dividing us.


13) Sexual Harassment & Sexual Discrimination: We demand better working conditions through awareness, yearly training, counseling, punishment, and enforcement of penalties. ARTICLE 36. NONDISCRIMINATION & ARTICLE 37. MANAGEMENT EMPLOYEE RELATIONS are not being adhered to by the company and it is creating a hostile environment for our Union Sisters.

§ The 1st objective in our Union bylaws is “To unite into one labor organization all workers eligible for membership, regardless of religion, race, creed, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other legally protected group or class.” We are not being united we are being sexualized and ostracized from opportunities. We beseech you to fulfill the ideals that our constitution saw fit to make the 1st objective of its Executive staff. In Art. I, Sec. 3 of the bylaw’s states “We are committed to the development of an organization which values and encourages the participation of women, individuals of various sexual orientations, and members of racial, cultural, and ethnic groups in the policymaking and leadership roles at all levels of the Inter‑national Union and its affiliated bodies. Please prosecute these standards our Union has outlined and IBT has signed off on. The unification of all members and instilling values that encourage women is number one in by laws and outlined in Article 1, Sec 3 but yet there are no rules about misconduct or penalties for such misconduct. This is a travesty and an injustice to the Sisterhood in our Union. We implore you to address this issue immediately with the company so, we may live in a hostile free work environment sooner than later. We must not let another moment be pasted lest we let another woman be outcast.          

A.      Awareness of inappropriate Conduct such as but not limited to flyers, ODS’, posters, and etc.

B.      Yearly forced training of inappropriate conduct in the workplace regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and etc.

C.      Forced counseling in conduct for any member or management accused of sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, or assault [physical or verbal]. Counseling to be conducted by the union and to be completed within 15days of reported to the union. Penalties for noncompliance by management pays penalty pay every day in noncompliance and is automatically considered harassment. Members’ penalties result in suspension from the union until they are in compliance.

D.      Proven misconduct is an automatic firing of members and management.

E.       If management does not address issue w/in 48hrs or proven misconduct is by management, it is paid in penalty pay. This behavior should be the one unconditional rule of unacceptable conduct in the workplace.


Wages, Retirement, & Bonuses

14)  401k matching no less than 6% annual compensation or the national average

§  Retirement is our security we have given our service to the company so take care of us in our retirement.


15)  Minimum 10% discount on class A stock purchases

§  Stock is our investment in the company’s success

§  Stock improves employee morale and dedication to production


16)  Retention: attendance bonus 75$ weekly if worked 5 day or more

§  Incentives improve attendance, attendance improves production


17)  COLA = Minimum wage increases exactly, matched penny for penny         

§  Minimum wage increases are created for a reason. Do not scrutinize a system build made to eliminate poverty and ensure a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s wage.


18)  Production Bonus: Stock incentives paid annually; perfect attendance 5 stocks, performance 3 stocks, 25yrs of service 10 stocks, 30yrs 20 stocks, 10 yrs. of accident free 10 stocks, etc.  

§  Stocks are a way for the company to thank and reward the service we deliver everyday

§  Stocks improve morale and individual investment into the company’s success.


19)  Hazard Pay during pandemic min 1$hr increase

§  We have been front line infantry since the beginning of the pandemic thank us by paying us for our sacrifice

§  We deserve back pay for the entire pandemic we battled thru it becoming the bloodline to the world now be our bloodline and so we can support our families



20)  Shoe allotments every 100$ every 6m

§  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 5,190 workers died from an occupational injury in 2016. BLS data also reports approximately 120,000 workers annually suffer from toe, foot, and ankle injuries, which average six days to heal.

§   Costing hefty OSHA fines, loss in productivity caused by an injury, possible workers’ compensation costs, possibility of an additional hire costs, lack of foot protection can mean mucho dinero for the company.

§  Shoes are required part of the uniform; the company has to pay for all part of our required uniform

§  Shoes are the Only part of the uniform that ensures safety. Safety gear has to be paid by the company.




21)  Health and wellness: Group gym discounts for union members and immediate family   

§  A recent study done by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduces the risk of major depression by 26%. In addition to relieving depression symptoms, research also shows that maintaining an exercise schedule can prevent you from relapsing.

§  Exercise benefits:

Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood, reduce the risk of illnesses (heart and lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson's disease), recover from a stroke and many other illnesses and conditions, and help you to lose weight.

§  We work at a labor-intensive job. We need a way to maintain a health physical aptitude.

§  Physical wellness improves mental wellness which builds a happy productive work environment

§  We work at a high paced stressful job. We need a construct full outlet for this stress.




22)  Bonuses go Only to Union members Never outside contractors (pvds, etc.)

§  Seniority and union members should always prevail


Entitlements, Holidays and Overtime

23)  All federal holidays paid OT

§  Everything is closed, there is little work. Use a skeleton crew and pay them OT


24)  Volunteer Only! Overtime

§  Working more than 40 hours per week can make you more likely to drink “risky” amounts of alcohol. (Minimum of 14 drinks for women and 21 drinks for men per week)

§  Have overtime lists, use extra work lists, use lay off lists. Use the people who want it.



25)  Volunteer Only! Holidays

§  Everything is closed, there is little work. Use a volunteer skeleton crew. Use the people who want to work.


26)  Volunteer Only! 6 & 7th day

§  A Stanford research paper found that people who worked 70 hours per week didn’t actually get more work done than their peers who worked 56 hours. “We’re not wired to be productive every minute of every day,” Simon adds.

§  Work the people who want to be worked. Exhaust all lists then hire more people.



27)  Additional 3 sick days

§  We are in a pandemic and need more sick time to care for ourselves and our loved ones.


28)  Additional option day

§  We need more mental wellness days to come to work refreshed and mentally prepared for the job.


29)  Vacation Checks issue 1 week prior (not 2)

§  Vacation needs to be paid out prior, but 2 weeks is too long and causes unforeseen pay issues later. Harsher penalties for late checks should be implemented to alleviate company late pay issues.



30)  Medical benefits requirements are a monthly contribution (not weekly)

§  Constant company errors make weekly contributions difficult

§  We need insurance to ensure a quick recovery or during family issues

§  Pandemic politics create longer wait times to seek medical attention


31)  Medical/Bodily autonomy: My Body My Choice. “Equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political,” Thomas Jefferson.

§  Everyone is to be treated equally under the law, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, political party, medical choices, etc.

§  Constitutional Rights: Choosing what medical devices, medicines, and medical procedures are given or done inside or outside work. (Including but not limited to masks, vaccines, covid tests, medical intervention, medical marijuana).

§  God given Rights: No company, government, or entity has the right to force or deny medical intervention, medical devices, treatments, procedures, or medicines.

§  Medical Rights: my choices are mine to choose, and no one has the right to ask, question, judge, or force upon me any medical intervention.

§  HIPPA Rights: Refusing to disclose any medical information to anyone and without warranting a reason is our right.


32)  Orthodontist coverage raised to 80% and No out of network fees.

§  Support local Most out of network dentists are local private practice doctors which are less costly.

§  Private practice doctors have less patients so offer less wait times for appointments and more familiar with their patients.


33)  Disability paid from date of injury or first day of absence from work paid at 80%.

§  Pandemic policies make wait times to see a doctor longer than usual.

§  Pain can be latent and not present immediately.

§  Company pressure for performance can exacerbate a small injury into a large one.


34)  Remove Marijuana testing in States its legal or use better testing methods.

§  Current tests check parts per million, but these parts can stay in their system for up to 30days. Theses test results determine marijuana levels but not when they occurred in the last 30 days.

§  These primitive tests cannot conclusively determine if the use occurred on or off the job.


35)  Prescriptions: generic free, everything else max 10$

§  Personal health is particularly important during this pandemic. Access to prescriptions is necessary to our health.

§  Most generics are relatively cheap so make them free thus saving on name brands.

§  Pandemic Policies have made health care more costly and scarce


36)  No copays for labs

§  The information required for diagnosis is typically collected from a history and physical examination of the person seeking medical care. Often, one or more diagnostic procedures, such as medical tests, are also done during the process.

§  Labs help diagnose, quicker diagnosis leads to quicker treatment and recovery.

§  Labs help diagnose so, I’m not treated as a pin cushion test subject with guess work.

§  Labs are a personal chart of healing or illness to guide my doctor.

§  Labs are bloodletting or blood cleansing, meaning the procedure cleans the blood of toxins and heavy metals.



37)  Dental covered 80% to 20% out of pocket including adult braces & 2 free cleanings a yr.

§  Adult braces are needed because poverty levels in NM. Most families couldn’t afford to provide this procedure.

§  Coverage and Cleanings are necessary for personal hygiene especially during a pandemic.

§  Bad dental health can lead to bone infections that are difficult to treat and get rid of causing permanent bodily damage.


38)  Paid maternity leave for both parents: 14 weeks for women 10 weeks for men

§  Since 1952, the United Nations’ International Labor Organization (ILO) has called for a minimum 14 weeks of paid maternity leave for all employed women.

§  Childbirth is a physically and mentally tasking junction in life and both parents need time at home to adjust and prepare for these changes.

§  Women need time for recovery and part of that is the help and support of their spouse.



Part Time

Safety and Health Equipment, Accidents and Reports

A.   Outside contractors’ vehicles can’t enter bldg. i.e., tow trucks, pvds, mechanics, etc.

§  These vehicles pose a threat to safety to members because they run the vehicles in the building polluting the air quality, they do not respect they are in a pedestrian area, they pose a security risk to our members if they are caring weapons (knifes, crowbars, guns, mace, etc.).

B.    Min: 1 air-conditioned breakroom per facility over 100 people

§  UPS is #2 in the US for heat related illnesses and death. We need a cool place to cool down.

C.    No cameras in Break Areas/Rooms

§  Break areas and restrooms are private areas and need to be treated as such. We are on our time in these areas and that needs to be respected.

D.   Smalls Bags are decreased in size. Smalls should never become an over 70.

§  Smalls bags should never weight over 50lbs. They should never contain a package weighing over 8lbs.


The parties agree that the health and safety of the employees are of the utmost importance. The Employer agrees that UPS management will not insist that any unsafe action be undertaken, and the Union agrees to encourage its members to cooperate in effectuating the handling, pick-up, and delivery of parcels without exposing themselves to safety hazards.


E.    Reduce weight limits from 150lb to 100lb. This is what freight is for we shouldn’t need to break our backs.

§  We are not machines or work horses send the heavies to freight they are equipped to handle these packages without having to break our backs.


Wages, Retirement, & Bonuses

F.   Progression:

§  Top rate reached at 4yrs rate based off highest paid insider or equal to driver top rate whichever is higher, and no union members rate will be decreased if top rate is lower than union members current rate when this goes into effect.

G.   Guarantee increased 4/5 hrs.

§  How are we guaranteed more if I use a sick day than if I show up?

§  Drivers are guaranteed 9.5 we should be guaranteed half that 4.75.

H.   Break 10m 3hr, increase by 5min for every additional hr. (ex:6hrs=25m)

§  Breaks keep people refreshed and prepared to handle heavy days.

I.        Double shift bonus or additional shifts paid at OT

§  Reward the ones who want to work.

§  Incentives increase participation.

J.        Option 4-5hr shifts

K.    Flexible hours ensure attendance, job security, employee satisfaction, and promote production and availability of staff. Pension paid equal to full time (not 1/2 $ & 1/2 hrs. = Quarter of the driver’s pension)

§  We work equally as hard as the drivers but get a quarter of the pension we deserve half.

§  We get half the hours .5 and half the pension $ .5 this totals to a quarter of the pension pay out this math works against part timers .5 x .5 = .25.

                                           Full Time                                                                             

Safety and Health Equipment, Accidents and Reports

A.     Mechanics do Safety checks every night

§  Quick Basic Safety Checks: mirrors, lights, breaks.

B.      Bathrooms at all satellites

§  We need to drink 8-8oz cups of water a day. We need to pee provide a safe place for us to have basic cleanly hygiene.

C.      No cameras/recorders in cab.

§  Our cab is our office, we need privacy. We take our break or relieve ourselves (everyone does it and it can’t be avoided but we pee in bottles these are the struggles we must endure) in our vehicles. We need our privacy do not take our right to our privacy.

D.     Air conditioning for vehicles in areas that reach 99°

§  I repeat UPS is #2 in the US for heat related illness and death. We already have many victims of heat this year let us end the needless deaths and injuries. We love our jobs, but we shouldn’t have to die for them.

E.      Weather protected environment or aweing for satellite facilities.

§  With climate change we are vulnerable more so than ever to harsh and constantly changing weather patterns and conditions. We need protection from these elements.

F.       Mirrors: mounting can withstand heavy winds.

§  Mirrors are our eyes and our alert system thus they need to be able to stay on.

G.     Ventilation equipment in all vehicles.

§  Allowing airflow near the top of the vehicle lets hot air out without security issues. Alleviating heat buildup and reduces heat related illnesses.


Wages, Retirement, & Bonuses

H.     No progression

§  This rule should never have been passed. We all do the same job we deserve to be paid as such.

I.        Option to work 4-12hr shifts

§  Flexible schedules allow the company to ensure

J.        Two 15m paid breaks

§  Breaks refresh improving productively and the longevity of an employees.

K.      Option 30m paid lunch or 1hr unpaid

§  Flexibility maintains employees

L.       9.5 list is for 5 days a week (not 3).

§  We work 5-day schedule so should our 9.5 requests be for 5 days. For everyone that wants a 9.5 there are an equal number of people who want OT. Utilize this balance and make everyone happy, it is possible with a little effort.


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