No Zoning Variances for Electronic Billboards in Upper Merion Township

No Zoning Variances for Electronic Billboards in Upper Merion Township

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In the past year, 2 major proposals have come before the Upper Merion Township Zoning Hearing Board, requesting zoning variances in order for large electronic billboards to be constructed in various sites in the township.

RIGHT NOW, residents of Bob White, Kingswood, Weadley Rd, Shoemaker Rd, and other neighborhoods along South Gulph Road are working to prevent a massive, 672 sq ft electronic billboard from becoming a part of their everyday lives - forever.  The electronic billboard is being proposed for construction on a S Gulph Rd property and overlooking I-76.  

For many residents of Bob White, Shoemaker, and Weadley Roads, this electronic billboard will glare into their homes and be highly visible from their properties.  (The topography of the area creates a "stadium seating" effect, making the billboard visible to many homes.)  Unfortunately, only those residents in the "front row" (located within 500' of the proposed billboard) had to be notified of the zoning variance request, and so many residents who could be impacted may be completely unaware of this zoning variance request.  We are making efforts to ensure that ALL RESIDENTS of Upper Merion Township are aware of this proposal.  No zoning variance request should be granted that will cause a massive electronic billboard to be visible from the home of any Upper Merion Township resident!  

While many Upper Merion Township residents may not be directly impacted by this particular proposal, we humbly ask you to please stand with your neighbors and sign this petition to show your opposition to granting any zoning variances that would allow electronic billboards to be constructed in Upper Merion Township.  While you may not be impacted this time, please consider that if the Zoning Hearing Board begins to set a precedent for granting zoning variances for electronic billboards, your property could be the one impacted next.  Again, this is already the 2nd proposal in less than a year requesting major zoning variance(s) for electronic billboard(s), and we should not expect this trend to go away.  Enough is enough.  SIGN THIS PETITION to send a strong message to the Upper Merion Township Zoning Hearing Board and Board of Supervisors - NO ZONING VARIANCES FOR ELECTRONIC BILLBOARDS IN UPPER MERION TOWNSHIP!  

Finally, the Zoning Hearing Board will consider this proposal on Wed, January 19th at 7pm at the Upper Merion Township Building.  Please attend to voice your opinion and stand in solidarity with your neighbors. 

**Update on December 3rd:  It was brought to our attention that, as part of standard functionality, anyone who signs this petition (and any other petitions on the platform) are requested to donate to the cause.  We are not able to remove this functionality.  Please do not make any donation via this petition.  We are NOT soliciting for any donations.

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472 have signed. Let’s get to 500!