Make Route 532 Curve Safer

Make Route 532 Curve Safer

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Marjorie Cottrell started this petition to Upper Makefield Township and

This petition has been created to address the safety and speed on the Route 532 curve (at Dolington Road in Upper Makefield).

Multiple requests have been sent to Upper Makefield Township and PA Department of Transportation, however, a solution to increase safety remains to be addressed. 

There are many examples as to why safety needs to be addressed, including but not limited to:

  • An accident on 2/19/20 involving a school bus full of children
  • Each morning children wait for the school bus at this intersection and they are dropped off each afternoon
  • Many other accidents
  • Speed is not monitored when requested
  • It's a blind curve and completely unable to see when exiting residential driveways
  • Drivers can't see if a school bus is stopped on the road causing them to slam on their brakes as they come around the bend
  • Cyclists as well as trash and delivery trucks are dangerously passed with speed when cars are coming around the bend head-on

Requests for speed monitoring have been made from various agencies at different times over the past 10 months and helpful responses resulting in change are nonexistent. 

We're certain that there are innovative ideas that could make a difference in calming traffic at this intersection while increasing safety tremendously for both residents and motorists. Some requests + solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Electronic "Your Speed" signs on both North and South sides of the curve
  • Painting in the street indicating "Slow" and "25 MPH"
  • Stop signs
  • Traffic Lights
  • Reconfiguration of the road
  • Speed monitoring 

Historically, this right angle in the village of Dolington was formed in 1769. Then in the early 20th Century the angle was softened to allow greater speed on the road and to travel faster from Newtown to Washington Crossing. Yet at that time, cars didn't go as fast as they do now and there was much less traffic on the road. Source: National Register of Historic Places Registration Form

Please show your support by signing this petition which will help make the road safer for our community and motorists

Your Neighbor,

Marjorie Cottrell

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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