Save the Music Program at Wellington Heights Secondary School

Save the Music Program at Wellington Heights Secondary School

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It has come to my attention that Wellington Heights Secondary School is cancelling the music program in the Fall of 2019. This coincides with the retirement of long time music teacher, Mrs. Stewart's, retirement.

I was a student of Mrs. Stewart for 5 years and still to this day help out with the music program when I can. I learnt a lot through music. It's an outlet for when things aren't going well and you need an escape, it's a problem solving challenge for when you're in that creative mindset. Most of all though, the friendships and bonds I made through the music program are still the strongest friendships that I have to date. 

Mrs. Stewart turned the music room into a safe haven for all kids who felt a little "different" or needed a spot to not be judged, moulded, or changed. It was a space where you could be you and no one cared any different!

From the countless trips to Wonderland, to the school crawls around the holiday time bringing cheer to the next generation, music was a huge part of my career at Wellington Heights and I know that many of my peers were the same. I still look back on the musicals and concerts we did and believe that they really helped mould who I am today. Creating a sense of pride and accomplishment with my abilities and helping me come out of my shell, fostering a social community that I hadn't had before WHSS.

The major problem that the music program seems to be facing is a lower than usual enrollment. This is due in part to the lack of music programs throughout the local elementary schools. By supporting these schools, and planting the seed of curiousity in the next generation, the enrollment in not just the music program but the arts in general would improve. 

Whether you use music as an escape from the grind of school / work, or are pursuing it because of an amazing career opportunity, I hope you'll stand strong and let the school board know your opinion. I, along with many others, believe that the cut to the music program is a terrible choice and one that needs to be changed.