Confirmed victory
Petitioning Governor Jay Inslee

Update: Shut Down Olympic Animal Sanctuary

Thanks to all who signed the petition and who stood up and acted as the voice for these animals. I'm so happy that they are all in a safe and happy place now.

Letter to
Governor Jay Inslee
The dogs at Olympic Animal Sanctuary deserve better. Steve Markwell may have started with good intentions, but it is now long past the time when appropriate action should have been taken to save and protect these animals from the horrible conditions at Olympic Animal Sanctuary. Local authorities continue to ignore the situation. It seems that many have dirt on their hands and pretend that they know nothing about it or haven't placed dogs there. Other good rescues are willing to step up to help these animals and some have offered to take dogs they placed at Olympic Animal Sanctuary back, but Steve Markwell will not release them.

Please shut down Olympic Animal Sanctuary and stop the abuse and neglect of these animals.

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