Justice For Brittany McGlone - Winnsboro, TX Unsolved Homicide

Justice For Brittany McGlone - Winnsboro, TX Unsolved Homicide

July 5, 2020
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Started by Chelsey F

UPDATE!  Kelly Cole has replaced Tom Castloo as the Wood County Sheriff.  Kelly actually cares about Brittany’s case and has made it active again!  I am keeping this petition up so I can provide everyone with updates as they happen.  I’m also hoping this petition will reach someone who has information that can lead to the arrest of Brittany’s killer. Please contact Wood County Sheriff’s Office at 903-763-2201 if you have any information regarding Brittany’s case.  
Signatures are no longer needed to encourage the sheriff to make her case active since Kelly has been elected.  Signatures are helpful in showing Brittany’s family that she still matters and that there are many people out there who believe she deserves justice. 


Brittany McGlone was brutally raped and murdered.  She died as a result of massive head trauma in 2007.  She was at her boyfriend's house in Winnsboro, TX.  Her case has gone cold.  Brittany's mother has informed me that Wood County is not talking to her about Brittany's case and that they have declined outside help with Brittany's investigation.  

We are asking for your signature in Brittany's petition so we can let the Wood County Sheriff's Office know Brittany's life matters.  Her case deserves attention.  She deserves more than for her file to be in a dusty box somewhere.  We would also like for the Attorney General to encourage Wood County to make Brittany's case active again.

Brittany's mother desperately wants open communication with the Wood County Sheriff's Office about her daughter's case.  She wants the Wood County Sheriff to make Brittany's case active again.  She also wants outside agencies, such as the Texas Rangers and crime TV shows/podcasts, to be able to help with Brittany's case.  Brittany's case needs some fresh eyes.  

All of the details in this petition are from Brittany's mother, Patricia.

Brittany went to her first, and only, boyfriend's house after her overnight shift at Lowe's Distribution Center.  It was the first, and last, time Brittany went straight to her boyfriend's house instead of coming home to shower, eat, and sleep.  She was asleep when her boyfriend's family left.  The boyfriend and his family were cleared.  The boyfriend's mother was at work, siblings were in school, and the boyfriend and his father had been at the DFW airport to pick up a relative.  They were cleared via video surveillance and cell tower pings.  

Brittany would have arrived at her boyfriend's house by 7:00 AM.  Brittany's boyfriend called Brittany's mother, Patricia, at around 2:30 PM to ask if Brittany was with her.  Patricia was surprised and stated, "No!  She is supposed to be with you." and immediately called Brittany.  It went straight to voicemail.  Patricia was even more alarmed, as Brittany always answered her phone.  Patricia states she called the boyfriend back, and he told her Brittany was sleeping.  The Medical Examiner estimated Brittany's death to be between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM.  Her boyfriend was the first person to find Brittany.

Chad Carr was one of the suspects in Brittany's case.  Chad was dating Brittany's boyfriend's sister.  Chad has a lengthy criminal record that ranges from burglary of a building to sexual assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  

Brittany had taken a year off from school before going to college.  She was working two jobs.  She would text her mom from work in the middle of the night just to check on her.  She always cared about how others were doing.  All that we are asking is for the Wood County Sheriff's Office to do the same for her.  Please make Brittany's case active again and allow the Texas Rangers to help solve her case.  Please do the right thing.

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Signatures: 4,763Next Goal: 5,000
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