Venues should cancel South Padre Island Spring Break events to prevent COVID-19 exposure.

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UPDATE: 3/16/20 at 3:40pm - City of South Padre Island, Texas issues a 'Local State of Disaster Declaration' effective 3/16/20 at 7:00pm to continue for no more than 7 days banning all community gatherings of more than 50 people.

The city of South Padre Island has stepped up to the plate and canceled the issuance of future permits of events to officially cancel events.  It is apparent the state and county need to step in to enforce the cancellation of these events as business owners have not owned up to their events and made any cancellations of their own will, knowing all the risks involved.

Residents in our community are at high risk, living in a low poverty area and/or living on welfare some with no medical insurance. Our population is at risk for diabetes (highest at #1 in the nation), heart disease and respiratory illnesses.  As we've learned these are the riskiest factors for people at risk for Coronavirus. Although we have no reported cases in the Rio Grande Valley, these events puts our community at risk by allowing students, artists and other individuals that travel from around the nation to attend. While many may not have any symptoms as they may be of great health, it doesn't mean they aren't potentially carrying the virus and be asymptomatic.  Our locals work at South Padre Island, they are bartenders, custodians, housekeepers, store clerks, hotel employees and they can potentially bring the virus with them back home and pass it on to those with a weak immune system that may not be able to survive this virus.  Please think what value are you putting on a human life?  Is it worth the risk? 

Rockstar Beach SPI-Spring Break willingly made the executive decision to postpone their spring break events last week without the city's decision but what about upcoming weeks? Thank you for doing whats right.

Yet we have events in the island that have not done so of their own will have depended on others to decide.  We ask that Clayton Brashear of Clayton's Beach Bar and Grill, PadreU Spring Break Vacations and other venues such as Louie's Backyard, Bar Louie South Padre, Courtyard by Marriott, take the same initiatives and hotels and resorts work with their guests.  Also for artists such as DJ Diesel, Gunna, Moneybag Yo, Yella Beezy, Da Baby, Foam Wonderland, Lil Baby, Fetty Wap and Two Friends to take control of the situation, they are not immune to this virus either.  

With high and kind regard, 

Signed by the Rio Grande Valley residents

P.S. Please consider our local well-being above potential profits.