Get justice for thousands of 3Cs Lotus Panache, Noida homebuyers

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Thousands of families who booked their dream homes almost 10 years back and have paid more than 90% deal amount are still fighting and protesting on Noida and Delhi roads to shake the government and builder to speed up snail speed or zero work going on at site. During protests builder showcases police and tens of bouncers to scare hapless buyers including small children and women. Despite lodging FIR against siphoning of funds by the builder and case in NCRDC police has made no effort to take any action against the builder. 

Recently, a state minister also publicly refused to divulge findings of an extensive audit carried out against the builder. This audit carried out at a cost of a few crores of public money is not being made public on a written request of the builder.

With state govt, police and Noida Authority all's standing by the builder for reasons unknown, the builder unabashedly laughs at us when we meet him.

This petition is to seek support from larger public to force the govt and agencies to end the nexus and either get us our money back with interest or ensure speedy construction with penalties to be paid by the builder. In addition the builder should be probed and put behind bars for cheating thousands of families and robbing them off their lifelong savings .