Hang the rapists

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Women safety is an important issue in our nation, in every election manifesto we find one common promise "we will make this place safer for women" but is it actually happening?

Very recently Dr. Priyanka Reddy was sexually abused and burnt when her scooter punctured on the outskirts of Hyderabad, the accused took her scooter promising to repair it. She called her sister who asked her to move to a crowded area to be safe but later when her family called her phone was switched off. Her body was found a day later in a distorted and unrecognisable condition.

Incidents like these happen all over the world, Hyderabad was previously considered a safe city for women. If we want to make this world a safer place our judiciary system needs to work better and efficiently. The people who think of committing such crimes must fear the judiciary system. If you think the same then show your support by signing this petition and helping in raising a voice to HANG THE RAPISTS in order to give justice not only to Dr. Priyanka Reddy but cerate an example for everyone.

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