Unwarranted Facebook Marketplace Blocks and Restrictions - LOSS OF INCOME

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Facebook Marketplace is a free selling platform that became available approximately 18+ months ago. Since its inception Facebook has banned thousands of users from selling items on the platform citing "Violation of the Commerce Policy" when no policy violations exist, or seemingly at random. This has caused thousands of users to lose income that they previously depended on. This financial drain is causing undo hardship to many and Facebook must take action to rectify the faulty system. Join the cause!


1. ACCOUNT BLOCKS: Marketplace access is blocked when no policy violation exists.

2. AD FLAGGING: Marketplace has an automatic flagging system in place that searches 'tag' words in ads for content that may violate their Commerce Policy. (Example: selling a wine bottle rack. The ad is flagged because liquor is not permitted to be sold. Yet it isn't wine being sold it is the bottle rack holder). This ad is then flagged and is not viewable to potential buyers. Excessive auto flags for 'tag' word ads causes accounts to blocked.

3. AD APPEALS: Although Facebook has an appeals process in place for flagged items, they fail to investigate or process the appeals. Support tickets for ad appeals have sat in the "open" status for 6+ months without any attention or response. If these appeals were properly investigated the Marketplace accounts would not have been blocked.

4. ACCOUNT RESTRICTION APPEALS: Support tickets for appeals to Marketplace restrictions go unanswered and are not processed in a timely manner.

5. LISTING LIMITATIONS: A Facebook Support Team Member cites that there is a daily limit of 150 ads that are allowed per account. This is not noted in any policy anywhere on Facebook, however it appears to be being enforced.

6. DISCRIMINATORY ACCESS: Marketplace access is not available to all users. Many users report that they do not have access to this feature. There is no information in Facebook policies indicating eligibility requirements and support requests regarding this issue go unanswered.

7. FAILURE TO NOTIFY: Facebook has made updates to the Commerce Policy and User Agreement without proper notification to members.

8. POLICIES: Facebook policies for Marketplace use need to be more transparent and clear. If there are daily limits in place, what is that limit? How many violations will cause a ban? How does a user avoid an automated flag on items that do not violate any policy?

9. TRANSPARENCY: Responses from the support team are inadequate and need to be case specific. The canned response of "Your marketplace access has been removed for multiple violations to our Commerce Policy" is insufficient. The particular violation and what listing/s supposedly violated this policy needs to be disclosed.

Marketplace's poor system design and negligence to properly investigating appeals has caused a significant loss of income for many. Income that members depend on to pay bills, build financial security and FEED THEIR FAMILIES with!

Join the efforts to encourage Facebook to resolve these issues immediately.