Untouchability abolished in Dangariya (Rajasthan)

Confirmed victory

Untouchability abolished in Dangariya (Rajasthan)

This petition made change with 5,407 supporters!
Stalin K started this petition to Ashok Gehlot (Chief Minister of Rajasthan) and

How we won?

"Untouchability is a crime and its practice in any form is forbidden under the law. The District magistrate is vigilant and very sensitive to this issue. Strict action would be taken against those who practice this inhuman acty which denies dignity and equality to human beings. The District Administration is thankful to you for highlighting suvh an issue being practiced as a custom in Dangariya and wishes you best of luck for your crusades against untouchability. Thank you" 

                                                                                  -- District Magistrate of Karauli, Bishnu Mallick

In just five days more than 5000 people signed Stalin's petition and forced DM Bishnu Mallick from District Karauli to take action and abolished a 65 year old tradition of practicing 'Untouchability' from Dangariya Village. After witnessing the support, Sunita (Video Volunteer correspondent) met DM Bishnu Mallick and talked about Dalit women being humiliated due to their caste by so called “upper caste” neighbourhoods.

In just 2 days,

1) The DM took immediate action and made a trip along with Sunita and the Superintendent of Police to village Dangariya from Karauli.

2) Where he called a Public Hearing on the misleading tradition that forced women to take off their footwear when they pass through so called “upper caste” neighbourhoods.

3) Villagers promised the DM that there will no more complaints from the village and that the practice will be abolished in Dangariya.

4) He sent a press release to all the police stations and village heads in District Karauli, informing them about this incident and how untouchability is a punishable offense in the Indian constitution, according to Article 17.


Can you imagine Dalit women being asked to remove their footwear as they pass "upper caste" houses in today's day and age?

Well that's exactly what is happening in the Karauli district of Rajasthan, in a village called Dangariya.

Look at above video and see for yourself, how, in 2012,  in a shocking display of caste discrimination and untouchability dalit women are made to remove their footwear as they pass by "upper caste" houses.

Sunita is a resident of district Karauli and a Video Volunteer correspondent. Watch her video, which shows the attrocities faced by many "dalit" women in Karauli.

It was the first time I had seen such a thing. I put myself in the place of those women and I felt humiliated. I wanted to make a video on it.” Sunita explained.

In the video, it’s shown that only women are required to remove their footwear. Traditionally, Indian women are the vanguards of cultural preservation. They are given the responsibility of passing on the social customs and codes. Hence, married women will teach their children about these practices, ensuring its continuance -- an evil practice has turned into a tradition.

Sunita decided to remove untouchability from Karauli once and for all. Support her and tell the District Magistrate of Karauli to eradicate this practice of untouchability and provide police protection and security for these women. Support them in their fight to get the dignity they deserve.


Call the District Magistrate of Karauli M Bishnu Charan Mallick

After you have signed the petition call the District Magistrate and call him on this number  07464-250322, 250230 and ask him:

1) Does he know about this practice of untouchability in Dangariya village?

2) How is he planing to abolish it?

3) Is he going to provide security to the women who have to take off their slippers in front of the so called upper caste?

4) By when will this practice be abolished?

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 5,407 supporters!

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