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The mission for Animal Welfare in the school curriculum is to educate and explore the history and meaning of our animal kinship and foster a life-long commitment to animals. Our mission is also to alleviate the suffering of all animals. A classroom presentation program should exist to give the students hands-on learning experience of rescued animals. This will encourage kindness and empathy for both human and nonhuman animals and promotes understanding of our many diverse habitats.                                                                              Field trips to an Animal Shelter and an Animal Rescue should also be a part of this program. It is a powerful experience. Sharing the love of animals also includes awareness of animal overpopulation and the reason for neutering and spaying. Most importantly, humane education strives to establish a sense of responsibility, making the world a better, more humane place. Our children ARE the future.    To end I would like to Thank all of you who sign and share this, and may God bless you all.                                                                                               

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