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Unsubscribe America From Internet Pornography


Pornography has become a huge problem in the world and especially in the United States when 90% of our 8-16 year olds have been exposed to pornography at such a young age. It’s time for the United States to lead the way in eliminating pornography from schools and homes where it is not wanted in order to protect our children and families from obscene content.

The new .XXX (TLD) Top Level Domain was approved by ICANN on March 18, 2011, and is set to go live in June. If legislation is passed requiring pornographic website operators in the U.S. to transition all pornographic content from existing TLDs (.com, .net, etc) to the new .XXX TLD, it will allow customers paying for internet access in the United States to block all pornographic content at the ISP (Internet Service Provider) level. Any individual homes, organizations, and schools in the United States should have the legal right to block internet pornography at the ISP Level.  Please review The Flow Chart For Change detailing the legal action and technical details for our government officials to utilize in paving the way for an effective way to keep internet pornography out of our homes and schools.

Anti-porn software is ineffective at being able to block pornographic related material because it is spread across so many different websites and mediums with different TLDs (.com, net, etc). With no technological system for identifying and blocking all pornographic content, anti-porn software is not an effective way of blocking pornographic content from our homes and schools. The .XXX TLD will provide the technological capacity to identify and regulate pornographic content on the internet. Just as we protect our children from being able to purchase pornography, guns, or cigarettes in a retail store, we need to be able to protect them from being exposed to pornography on the computer especially in our own homes and schools!

We want laws requiring companies operating pornographic websites to comply and operate only on the designated .XXX Top Level Domain. We need the help of our law makers to develop a screening organization funded by a new tax placed on the internet pornography companies to make sure this happens and to make sure our internet service providers comply with our right to block internet pornography from our homes and schools. Pornographic websites offering obscene material should not be allowed to operate on the same TLD as children’s websites. They should not be able to operate on the same TLD children are using at school and for their homework. There should be no question that our government has the responsibility to protect our children and families by adapting to the modern times and the internet. The internet has become a central part of our society and can be a great tool for our children; however, just as strip clubs are restricted to operating in certain locations by the government, so should pornographic websites be restricted to operating on the .XXX TLD by the government. You can be a part of something great by setting an example in the United States for other nations around the world to follow by leading the way in placing legal limitations and restrictions on the internet pornography industry in order to protect our families and safeguard our children. The capacity for this change is here now and all the technical details and legal action required are outlined on The Flowchart For Change. America is part of the problem, now we need to be part of the solution. Sign our petition to let our government officials know that you expect change and legal limits placed on the internet pornography industry in order to safeguard our children on the internet and provide a better future for America.

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