Unresolved Issues at Ellicott Mill

Unresolved Issues at Ellicott Mill

May 9, 2022
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27 Frederick Road, Oella MD 21043

This mill is in a floodplain next to the Patapsco River, in a suburban area of Ellicott City, Maryland. There is a proposed high density redevelopment plan that will not only impact the quaint Oella neighborhood but also all who travel through on Frederick Road, the scenic "first" National Road from Baltimore to the West. Please read our concerns and sign this petition if you support the remedies below.

● Floodplain Waivers requested
● Apartments -190 planned
● Restaurant -200 seats planned
● Retail space - 4,897 sq. ft. planned
● Museum - Removed in updated plan
● Parking - 278 spaces planned for 398 additional cars 
● Frederick Road widening planned; includes removal of trees along Frederick Road
● Continued use of current one-lane entrance/exit
● Maximum 130' building height requested, in lieu of otherwise permitted 50' and 100' basic height

● Excessive delays/safety on Fredrick Road and Oella/Westchester Avenues from additional traffic 
● Pedestrian/bicycle safety along Frederick Road and crossing to Oella/ Westchester Avenues
● Overflow parking from property cars into adjacent residential neighborhood and small businesses
● Public safety from flood events and environmental impacts to off-site property and storm run-off from Patapsco River, Hudson Branch, Tiber River, New Cut Branch and Cooper Branch
● Fee paid to county in lieu of creating open green spaces on property.


Development Plan Hearing/Zoning Notice for Ellicott Mill PAI No. 01-0616/2121-0291-SPHASA.
You may view plans or obtain additional information at:
Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections
County Office Building, Room 123
111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, MD. 21204
Call Project Manager 410-887-3335

On May 26th a hearing will be held virtually through WebEx.
To give testimony and/or present documents for the Hearing, you will need to register with the Baltimore County Office of Administrative Law at least 48 hours before the Hearing. Contact 410-887-3868 for more information.


THE FOLLOWING PETITION will be submitted to the Baltimore County Administrative Law Judge in consideration for the proposed redevelopment of Wilkins-Rogers Flour Mill (Ellicott Mill), 27 Frederick Road.

We, the undersigned, are concerned with the land use of this redevelopment within historic Oella.
Some unresolved issues are:
● Increased traffic causing excessive delays and safety issues along Frederick Road (Traffic study done in March 2021, during the pandemic)
● Lack of pedestrian and bicycle paths along and/or crossing Frederick Road
● 100+ cars parking off-site, impacting residents, small businesses & visitors to Old Ellicott City (No mass transit system in our suburban area).
● Flooding from Patapsco River, Hudson Branch, Tiber River, New Cut Branch and Cooper Branch (Entire property in a floodplain)
● Fee paid to County instead of creating open green spaces on property

We request the following remedies to these unresolved issues, which include, but are not limited to:
● Conduct a second traffic study on a weekend, including the traffic signal at Maryland Avenue and Main Street in Old Ellicott City (800' from property)
which causes traffic delays into Baltimore County
● Provide a study plan that addresses a safe method to walk and/or cycle along and/or cross Frederick Road
● Reduce use of proposed building to accommodate parking for all cars on property and not encroach into residential neighborhood and businesses
● Perform Floodplain Study and work with Howard County Government/Army Corps of Engineers to develop a comprehensive stormwater management plan to protect the neighborhood and future residents/visitors on property
● Post signs on property: "Area Prone to Flash Flooding. Ellicott City has a public outdoor emergency alert system. If you hear the alert tone: Do not
walk or drive through moving water; Do not go to your car; Look for HIGH GROUND access signs to lead you out of the floodplain. If necessary to
remain in building, go to higher floors. When Tone Sounds, Seek Higher Ground"
● Provide open green spaces instead of a one-time payment to the County

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Signatures: 983Next Goal: 1,000
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