Petition to demote fran!

Petition to demote fran!

February 4, 2021
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Unofficial Guide to Entry Point and 4 others
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Started by Adolf Big D

Fran (Fran Frid#8034 on discord) Should be demoted for violating human rights! He has comitted multiple crimes and should be demoted due to the community wanting to. Unofficial has mentioned multiple times that he would like to demote Fran. But he has never done it? Possible hostage situation? Unoffiial accepting bribes? Blackmailing? He is wanted in europe for Child Abuse. Police have multiple warrants for his arrests. He is spreading false news that Birds exist. Here all the crimes he has committed in europe. Fran is a europe and has used the popular message UwU 216 times. 

The solution could be for Unofficial to permanently demote or terminate fran from the server. Or add countermeasures to limit Fran from commiting acts of terror. By signing this you will assist us to stop fran once and for all. He should be stopped permanently and not let in to any servers.

Why do i care? Its because he is violating human rights! You would like to have freedom right? Then stop fran! By signing this petition. We can do this one signature at a time. And you will be doing justice for all men and women in the server. He has aquired moderator which is even worse. He could remove anyone protesting to demote fran off the server.


This petition made change with 30 supporters!

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