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UNM President: Respect (Un)Occupy Albuquerque's Rights to Free Speech and Assembly

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(Un)Occupy Albuquerque has joined the Occupy Wall Street movement around the world in gathering at a park on the campus of the University of New Mexico. A previous petition hosted on helped to open dialogue between participants in the movement and the President of UNM, David Schmidly. 

(Un)Occupy Albuquerque collaborated in good faith with UNM by respecting the land and permit procedures, as well as contributing to the academic environment through hosting teach-ins and educational events about the issues raised by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The original agreement was renewed once on October 1st, but it was not renewed as the next expiration date approached. As the agreement expired in October, President Schmidly refused to dialogue with the movement and instead decided to remove participants from Yale Park. Occupiers were arrested and one participant, Sebastian Pais, initiated a hunger strike to increase the pressure on President Schmidly to re-open a dialogue with the participants and negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement for a space for (Un)Occupy Albuquerque. 

A week into Sebastian's hunger strike, and as he was joined by another supporter, Kristen Gandy, the University decided to allow a temporary permit for (Un)Occupy Albuquerque to gather on campus within certain time limits. Additionally, UNM Provost Chaouki Abdallah visited the General Assembly on November 1st to dialogue with the movement. However, with the temporary permit set to expire on Sunday, November 6th and with President Schmidly continuing to refuse to open an ongoing dialogue with the General Assembly, there is a possibility that the recent progress could be lost if a more long-term solution is not reached.

As Sebastian Pais said, “I came to the United States from Argentina in 2003. My country survived half a century of dictators. During those many years, freedom of speech and assembly were severely curtailed. I expect the US to be a nation that respects and honors this top priority for democracy.”

Please join us in asking President Schmidly to do the right thing and negotiate a fair agreement with (Un)Occupy Albuquerque for a space for their activities.


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