Save York's Nightlife! Let Students Decide who YUSU works with

Save York's Nightlife! Let Students Decide who YUSU works with

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J Stewart started this petition to University of York Students Union and

I am writing this petition to trigger a referendum on a motion of no confidence in YUSU's newly elected Full Time Sabbatical Officers in regard to the recent decision made by our Student's Union to provide a 2 year exclusive contract to the events promotion company 'York Parties' to be YUSU's 'Official Partner'.

This is in accordance with YUSU's By Law 11 'Accountability': 

"A no confidence motion can be called by a secure petition signed by at least 5% of Student Members, as set out in the Articles of Association."

And Article of Association 26 - 'Removal of Elected Officers':

"An Elected Officer shall be removed from office if they: [...] are removed from office as an Elected Officer by a motion of no confidence in the Elected Officer passed by a simple majority of the Student Members voting in a Referendum, provided that at least 5% of Student Members cast a vote in the Referendum. Such a motion shall only be triggered by a Secure Petition signed or agreed to by at least 5% Student Members; "

Despite promising to 'listen' to student voices and fix York's nightlife, students were offered no say in YUSU's actual final decision; one which seemed to be the exact opposite of what students were asking for. Pleas from hundreds of students were ignored, yet again, as YUSU sold out our nightlife to the very company causing all the issues in the first place.

By offering an “official tender” and “consultation” process, YUSU was able to tackle the previous problem of them being viewed as not being representative and supporting their own students. However, I and many others feel that YUSU's mind was made up even before students were even consulted and the opportunity to pitch for an official student club night was released. This is because York Parties threw large sums of cash at the union to maintain their monopoly over OUR student nightlife. We thought YUSU would put a stop to this exploitative and unfair practice, yet nothing has changed.

During our newly elected Activities Officer SABB's campaign, we were all promised that “if elected, I will focus more on student-led events and review the York Parties contract”. 

But, as time would tell, this clearly was nothing but a cynical tactic to get votes!

Previously, York Parties have been at the center of media attention for the following:

  • Underpaying staff members (all students)
  • Failing to pass on information of misconduct from their staff (such as Assault, ABH, GBH, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment)
  • Selling 'Platinum Cards' which are designed to rip off students
  • Failing to refund students when their promises were not executed, taking longer than the statutory maximum of 14 days
  • Monopolising the student nightlife at the expense of other promoters

These paid officers knew all the above, however, they have failed time and time again to recognize the damage external events companies are causing our student community; therefore we have no choice but to unite together and force our student's union to let us have a say on the matter.

If 5% of students from The University of York sign this Motion of no Confidence Referendum, the student's union will HAVE TO let students decide who runs their nightlife. 

Let us vote. This is OUR Union. Nightlife is a crucial part of the student experience and students deserve the right to make their own decisions.

If YUSU simply try to find a loophole to wriggle out of this and avoid accountability, then that will show students, across the country, for years to come, that the Union is no longer acting for students and could potentially damage York's reputation permanently.

Every vote matters, please let your voices be heard!

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!