Request Decreased Tuition for UW-Madison Fall 2020 Semester

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison plans on offering a combination of in-person and online courses for the Fall 2020 semester. However, despite this change from majority in-person classes in a "normal semester", tuition rates remain the same. On the Smart Restart website it states "Tuition and fees will be the same whether a class is in person, virtual or a combination." Although I acknowledge this rate supports the university employees and other functionings essential to the university, many of the costs usually incurred will be reduced significantly. With costs allocated to facilities, police force, student housing, student life, etc being reduced from less students present in Madison - students should not have to suffer the financial burden of paying for resources they are not utilizing. Forcing students both in-state, out-of-state and international to pay a regular tuition rate profits off of a population already suffering financially from the pandemic. View the UW-Madison 2019-20 budget here.


**I acknowledge the risk of remote instruction for international students and advocate for their safety and residency in the US despite a change in the semester instruction**